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May 29, 2009 08:09 AM

West Island Reccomendations

I'll be in the Pointe-Claire/Kirkland area for the weekend and I am looking for any dinner spot reccomendations for something casual and not overly fussy. Any ideas? I'm open to just about anything - thai, mexican, italian, a good burger, etc.

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  1. Shahi Palace on des Sources for excellent Indian/Pakistani... also a BYOB. Also Bombay Choupati, but it isn't a BYOB.

    Yutaka for sushi or Chalet Thai - both is St. Anne de Bellevue with terraces overlooking the water (if its nice out)

    Vivaldi in Pierrefonds for Italian - another BYOB

    Scaroli on St. Jean for indstrial Italian... and plenty of hot, fresh bread

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      Oh, and Tokyo on Des Sources fro a BYOB Japanese.

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        I second your recommendations, but haven't tried either Scaroli's or Tokyo. I've always wanted to go to tokyo, just never ended making it happen, I guess. Maybe I keep expecting a Harvey's burger on my plate ;). Is there anything you would recommend in particular?

        Riccardo's on St. John's is another one I would recommend for Italian, and Imperial Palace just off St. Charles and the 40 for Chinese.

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        we went to scaroli 2 weeks ago and never again te food was blend, not that great, bread is good, but if you want a baguette go to la gascogne in the same shopping centre

      3. For Indian food, I like Sahib on Hymus. The have Indian beer on tap. The other Indian recs are also very good.
        Abies smooked meat is in the same style a Schwartz and they have good fries if you can't get down to St. Laurent.
        McKibbin's Irish Pub in Pointe-Claire has a pretty decent burger and good fries with many beers on tap. I often find they overcook the meat so I request it a little underdone.

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          Every once in a while I go back, hoping Abies has improved, but am always disappointed and tell myself not to go back. Very often, the smoked meat is typically dry, as if they mix in old with new to save on scraps. The only reason I say that is you can often see the colour difference in the blend. They used to advertize their perogies all over too, so tried them once, and I am surprised they even served they they were so burnt. If I was looking for smoked meat in the West Island, I would make it Delibee's at 24 Valois Bay in Pointe-Claire.

          I really enjoy McKibbin's as a pub for having a few drinks with drinks. IMO, their food is average pub fare - better after a few pints! I'm speaking of the one in Pointe Claire, not the one downtown.

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            Delibee will substitute either perogies (w sour cream) or potato latkes for the fries when you order the smoked meat special. They aren't as good as my Babcha's...but they're not bad!

        2. Whatever you do, avoid at all costs La Sirene De La Mer at 985, Saint-Jean, in Pointe-Claire.
          You will be treated with indifference and disrespect, you will be given cold food that was left over and what ever happy time you are celebrating they will ruin it with low quality service and a wildly (really and truly) wildly over-priced meal.

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