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Corner Tavern and Cafe 47 Back Bay

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So, they aren't doing a very good job of advertising the Corner Tavern at all so I figured I'd post something encourage people to check it out. This place was formerly the Last Drop and reopened a little while ago with a full menu and much nicer vibe. It is more of a wine bar now. It opened around the same time as Cafe 47 (which is about 2 doors over) and I had high expectations for Cafe 47 and low for Corner Tavern...much to my surprise I have been to Cafe 47 twice and Corner Tavern is just about a weekly habit now. The menu at Cafe 47 has many reasonable options that sound decent but once you see it infront of you it screams cheap on your plate. The ingredients just tast like someone took them out of a prepackaged carton...from the salads to the salmon. Although the pizza is decent the rest of the menu is no better than a chain spot. Infact, I'd say it was worse than a chain because some items we ordered were striaght up inedible-the risotto tasted like it had been mixed with cream cheese...enough said. Anyway, last drop is doing it right, I think. They kept the menu simple but solid. They have little snacks you can mix (olives, nuts, etc) and match if you just want bar bites but also have entrees like schwarma wrapped in warm fresh pita with a nice yogurt sauce. I am not snobby about food, clearly I just look for quality ingredients and I found it ironic that the newly opened bar is doing it better than the newly opened restaurant. I will warn you Corner Tavern is def a BAR so don't go expecting a nice sitdown meal. Anyone else been yet?

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  1. Not yet, but it looks like a nice cozy place to watch a ball game on a drizzly afternoon.

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      Forgot to report that I finally checked it out. Very nice! Something about a bar with no music is so gemutlich to me. The food was pretty good, especially the roasted potatoes that came on the side. Excellent for Sox watching.

    2. Yeah - we've been in a couple of times pre-Fenway. Below is an excerpt from my first post on Corner Tavern. Our second time was even better. We had the three bar bites (spiced, curried nuts; pickled veggies, and Berkshire blue cheese - all were wonderful). We also had something else that I can't remember for the life of me, but it, too, was tasty. I think one is better off sticking with a bunch of appetizers. Nice wine by the glass and beer selection. The chef/owner came out to chat with us - he gave us a little taste of the new French blue cheese he was going to feature - wow! That cheese had some zing to it! Nice guy and everyone else working there seems sincerely nice. The place has been empty both times we've been there. When we don't want to deal with the crowds at Lower Depths, we stop into Corner Tavern.

      This past Friday, we had a better than expected pre-game meal at the Corner Tavern (formerly the Last Drop at Marlborough and Mass Ave). They are definitely trying to do more than pub food - no french fries, but roasted fingerlings. I had a delicious pressed roasted veggie and goat cheese sandwich and B had a too-big and too-salty (and he loves the NaCl) muffelatta. But at least it was an option. It was empty at 6pm on a Friday.

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        I am glad to hear other people have enjoyed the food here too!

      2. I love this bar - great location (in back bay but away from the obnoxious whiskey's crowd), great beer list, friendly staff, and the food pairs really well with the aforementioned great beer. i walked by yesterday and noticed they have a big special on apps going on every day until 8 - all apps and sandwiches are $2-$4.50. i'm going back tonight for their bean dip and an abita!

        1. Corner Tavern has definitely been overlooked for some reason. I just mentioned in another posting today, that my post of a few months ago generated absolutely no interest. So, guess I'll repeat myself, nice staff, decent wine, good chef. Breads are from Iggy's, the baked scallops topped with pistachio are delicious as are the Thai wings. People, you are missing out. This is a great little spot.

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            I definitely want to try it. I used to live down near there when it was Last Drop. My friend still lives down that way, so I'll suggest it for our next time out. Thanks for reminding me. :-)

          2. Anyone know what they're charging for a Cutty or J&B on the rocks?

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              cutty or j&b? are you bringing your grandpa?

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                Lol, no, but I have a DC who won't drink much else. Dewars or some such would be just fine.

            2. Is the Corner Tavern menu on line anywhere? I went to the usual sites but could not find one.

              1. I work in the Back Bay and have been to both places for lunch and dinner. I agree with ced9 about Cafe 47's pizza (I'd say its more than decent--good, even--I like their daily offerings the best), but I can't say anything on the risotto or salmon as I haven't tried them yet; I've also had 2 different pastas which were good.

                Corner Tavern has a great deal going on from until 8, it's dine-in only, but nonetheless, a great deal. The wings and pork sandwich are good, cobb salad is huge, lobster mac & cheese is delicious. As I recall, Corner Tavern received a write-up in the Improper and apparently the chef is the former banquet sous or exec (?) chef at the MFA and there's NO open-flame in the kitchen, so he's cooking with a salamander and an oven...pretty impressive.

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                  "Corner Tavern has a great deal going on from until 8, it's dine-in only, but nonetheless, a great deal."

                  Did you leave out some info in this sentence? What's the deal?

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                    Half off all appetizers and sandwiches until 8pm. Great deal. Bartender is a geniunely nice guy.

                2. I finally tried the Corner Tavern last night and I had totally forgotten the 1/2 price menu until 8pm thing. Anyhow, my friend got a Cuban sandwich and roasted potatoes. He said it was good. I got the grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was nothing special. I could honestly make a better grilled cheese at home and while the tomato soup had a nice flavor, I found it oily (tomato soup, oily..huh? but yes, when it arrived, there was an oily consistency to it). I basically used it to dunk the grilled cheese, but that was it. I am not discouraged though. It actually looked like there were some nice salads and other dinner options that I would try next time. I'm not going to whine about the grilled cheese and tomato soup either because I got both for $3.50 total. It was very reasonable and a nice place to meet friends for a drink and a bite. The bartender was very nice and attentive. Definitely stop in, but get something other than the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

                  1. Stopped at the Corner Tavern yesterday after the glass pumpkin sale at MIT. This was only my second visit, but I really like this place. Happily it was pretty full with the football game on, nice crowd, not overly loud. Tried their lobster mac & cheese which was quite good, creamy and served in a rectangular cast iron dish which ensured the mac & cheese stayed hot until the very last bite. The dish that stole the show though, was my dc's braised short rib brisket, served with root vegetables and bread pudding.