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May 29, 2009 07:48 AM

Malden Restaurants

I have noticed quite a few postings on the board about good restaurants in Malden. Is it my imagination or are there more good restaurants there than you would expect for a city of its size?

When I grew up there in the 70s/80s there wasn't much to brag about

btw My personal favorite is Artichokes by the MBTA station.

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  1. artichokes closed about a month or two ago. there is a small sign in the window saying a new restaurant is opening but i havent seen much activity inside.

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    1. re: rds85

      The owners bought the old YMCA in downtown Wakefield, right next to the Post Office. It is being converted to a restaurant downstairs and condos upstairs. Not open yet but it looks close.

    2. Yes, food is much better now in Malden than in the past. For example, Fuloon in the center of Malden is fabulous - IMHO.

      1. Malden had lots of fmaily run, red sauce Italian places in the 70's/80's- Highland Cafe, Brandanos, Triccas. Not fine dining by any means, but lots of chicken parm/eggplant, pizza and lasagna!

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        1. re: macca

          Too bad about Artichokes. I always liked that the linen room was the old bank vault.

          The Highland Cafe just closed this year.

          1. re: NorthShoreFoodie

            I never did make it to ARtichokes. Used to like the pizza at the Highland.

        2. We love Habesha, the new Ethiopian restaurant.

          1. How about Vej Naturals? Has anyone been? The menu looks good, I was thinking of going one of these days, even though its a bit of a haul from west of the city.....