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May 29, 2009 07:08 AM

Local Food Gift Ideas (Unique to Seattle)

Greetings from the Midwest! A close friend of mine from DC is spending her 50th birthday in Seattle. I'm thinking of having a food-related something-or-other sent to her hotel room while she is there and I'd like it to be a local specialty. To provide a little direction, she loves desserts (esp. chocolate). She doesn't drink. I've been sending her Fran's chocolates for several years now because she loves Gold Bars, but I thought I'd try something new (although I'm not ruling out chocolate). I'm pretty sure she's mapped out her dining itinerary, but if there are any unique options for dessert or breakfast (where I could get a gift certificate), I'd be interested to hear those ideas as well. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Smoked salmon. . . Have you tried Fran's salted chocolate caramels? Fine coffee from one of the local roasters. . . . Dried sour cherries (much better than dried sweet cherries). A three berry pie from Simply Desserts in Fremont--almost as good as homemade.

    Unique desserts? Try Tango's El Diablo--chocolate dusted with chili on a soft meringue with toasted whole almonds and a caramel drizzle. A huge hit whenever I take friends there.

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      Yes! I love Fran's caramels and get them from the grocery whenever they aren't sold out (which is often). My friend is partial to the Gold Bars/Bites, so I've kept her well-stocked over the past several years for birthdays and holidays. If she does end up doing the chocolate tour, I will definitely tell her about Simply Desserts. Thanks for the ideas!

    2. You could set her up with a tour of Theo Chocolates (Organic, Fair Trade) in Fremont. It's probably about an hour with a full explanation of how the chocolate making process works and a bunch of tastings. You could then supply her with a gift certificate for the ones that she likes best (for me that's the coconut curry milk chocolate bar, the chai milk chocolate bar, and the Jane Goodall milk chocolate bar).

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        That is exactly what I was going to suggest - the tour is a gift of participation! The tour is really interesting, as they are one of the few bean to bar manufacturers in te country. Theo's chocolates are great, we always leave w/ more than planned!

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          I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coconut curry!! ;-D ... Really great idea about the Theo tour. It was awesome (and she can always eat at Paseo while in Fremont)

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            What a terrific idea. Thank you. I've already checked into tour times and am just waiting for my friend's availability. I'm hoping this will be a memory she can savor!

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              If possible schedule the Theo tour on a weekday. They don't run the operations on the weekend but the tour still goes through the factory. It's more interesting to see them cranking out the chocolate in person!

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                She is looking at Monday. Thanks for the tip!