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May 29, 2009 05:38 AM

Need Recommendation: Sat Night

Hi Folks-
We'll be headed to town Sat afternoon/evening (on the early side) and are looking for a Near North/Old Town recommendation. The three of us tend to sit for about two hours and enjoy Tapas style dining. Criteria: A) Good wine list, B) Food: not necessarily Tapas, but as I said, we like to sit and plow through some interesting wines. C) No Indian or pasta-centric Italian. Any New Mexican or Mediterranean suggestions? I know this is vague- sorry!

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  1. i would try going to FRONTERA (http://www.rickbayless.com/restaurant...). (apparently they take a limited number of reservations, but i've never managed to work that out). regardless, you can always get some margaritas and ceviche while you are waiting for a table to open up. i know it's not wine, but they do have great margaritas. and it is in river north.
    there is a tapas place called CAFE IBERICO(www.cafeiberico.com/) in river north, but i really don't like it, at all.
    another option that i lot of people enjoy is QUARTINO (http://www.quartinochicago.com/). it can be a fun atmosphere with italian small plates, wine, etc.
    BRASSERIE JO (www.brasseriejo.com/) is in river north, and i have always had a great time there with friends - good food, wine, atmosphere.
    i also really like going to HUB 51 (www.hub51chicago.com/) with friends. it is a good place to sit and talk over appetizers and wine and the hub tea for a couple hours.
    my last suggestion would be NACIONAL 27 (http://www.n27chicago.com/). they have yuumy small plates and drinks. again, not an extensive wine list, but . . . very good.