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May 29, 2009 05:20 AM

Brooklyn Recs for Three Couples?

My DC and I are meeting up with two other couples for dinner out somewhere in Brooklyn on a Saturday in mid June. I'm actually from the Boston area so am looking for suggestions where to go. We'll be based in Fort Greene but are fine with going further afield.

We're all adventurous eaters and would prefer the interesting/eclectic over the dependable/usual. Regardless, the food should be excellent and one of the restaurant's main draws. The place should also be fun (as opposed to refined or reverentially subdued), somewhere we can raise glasses in toast or raise voices in laughter. Cost isn't a major issue but I hate paying top dollar for tiny portions - we all enjoy eating and so want to EAT not nibble.

In short, if you were getting together with old friends and wanted a relaxed, laughter-filled night of good eating and drinking in Brooklyn, where would you go, and why?

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  1. i lived in park slope for five years and the only restaurant i come back to regularly is applewood...on 11th off 7th ave. david shea does wonders with meats...pork, goat, veal...and the space is perfect. its not preachy like a lot of the slope is which is something i like. its just a very solid restaurant that does its thing very well. service can be a bit unpolished to say the least but that tends to happen in lots of places in these areas.

    i like dressler for a night out but i find their prices a little too high considering the quality. nice scene though.

    1. Fort Greene is full of places with serious food that are relaxed. Try Kif for Middle Eastern, iCi for New American (both have outdoor spaces), or No 7 for eclectic New American (the kimchi pirogies are really good). Stone Home Wine Bar has very good food too, although not that adventurous. The various French bistros (chez Lola, chez Oscar, etc) are also solid. With 6 you can usually reserve at these places, too.

      The best of the walk-to-able neighbourhood is Park Slope's Italian al di la, if you are prepared to drink wine with your friends for a long time in their wine bar while you wait to eat (they don't take reservations). But the food is well worth the wait (and thus it'll be a long and chatty evening with great food at the end, which might be just right.)

      1. Thomas Beisl - Austrian/German - in fort greene near B.A.M. .

        If the Buffalo wings in Boston are not up to snuff - Bonnie's Grill for the full range of upstate NY cooking .

        M&I International - Russian food store w restaurants - Coney Island. Buy food eat on the boardwalk. There are also Russian restaurants on the boardwalk. Near enought to the Cyclon roller coaster.

        Caribbean - search chowhound there are many. is the only place I can think of with a liquor license, it is upscale(well dressed), small portion size, but not very expensive, so feel free to order extra. The Chippy is always fun.

        search chow hound for Polish + Greenpoint. Why? Okocim.

        Search chow hound for williamsburgh for hipster scene type places.

        Peter Luger if you want steak.

        Bar Tabac and Pit Stop(outdoor garden) are French.

        Red hook ball fields food vendors might be fun (sometimes long lines). There are bars in RH for afterwards. Possible art exhibitions in RH.

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          Thanks to all who offered suggestions. We ended up going to DuMont in Williamsburg and had a terrific meal and a good time. We ate in the back patio area. They served a crispy artichoke heart and arugula salad that was outstanding. Good place for socializing as well.

          1. re: lescaret

            Lescaret, thanks for reporting back. (Sad to say, few people do.) Come on back to Brooklyn this summer. There's plenty of other great places to eat.