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May 29, 2009 04:00 AM

afternoon tea by national portrait gallery

hi everyone, i was looking into grabbing high tea with a visitor at the national potrait gallery restaurant for the great views during our muesum hopping day tomorrow but realized it closes at 2.30 on saturdays. would anyone have recs around national potrait gallery for afternoon tea tomorrow? i only know haymarket hotel in that area. am looking for afternoon tea under £15 if possible. thanks!

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  1. limster recently praised the afternoon tea at the St James Hotel and Club, it is just over .5 miles from the National Gallery. They have tables tomorrow between 3pm - 5pm.

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      thanks for the rec.

      i wanted something under £15 and only found the national dining room at the national gallery. it was fine, if nothing special to write about. the scones were hard as rocks and cold! at least the clotted cream and rasberry jam were delish!