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May 29, 2009 03:11 AM

Mexican Ingredients in Worcester Area

Any suggestions on where I can find Mexican ingredients like cotija and aneja cheese, jicama, and good chorizo -- without having to drive to Boston? The Price Chopper on Highland and Park has tomatillos, dried chiles, plantains, but not everything I need.

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  1. Try Santiago's Plaza at 1000 Main St.

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      Price Rite has some things but I would try some of the Spanish markets...there are a ton of them. As for Chorizo, Baja Grill on Millbury St makes their own...ask them and perhaps theyll sell you some!! Also, Sol tortilla on Pleasant St across from Blue Jeans Pizza makes fresh corn tortillas twice a day....15 for $1!!!

    2. When I was getting some take-out from Tacos Parilla Mexicana last week, I happened to notice that they have a grocery section filled with Mexican foods. Chorizo in the freezer, quesos, etc. It's on Millbury St diagonally across from Baja Grill, and while you're there --if you're not in a hurry -- have something to eat. It's wonderful.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! As a matter of fact, my husband and I tried out Tacos Parrilla two weeks ago (great chiles rellenos!), and we walked through the store afterwards. I noticed that they had chorizo, corn husks, grated cotija, and what I think were banana leaves. I'm going back for the banana leaves for my cochinita pibil. By the way, we have sampled the offerings of Baja Grill, Tacos Parilla, and Tacos Acapulco in Shrewsbury, and we're thrilled that we now have some decent options for Mexican food! Any opinions on the best carnitas?

      2. The original comment has been removed