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May 29, 2009 01:01 AM

Reservations Questions - No. 9 & Craigie

Two of us are hoping to get a bite and a cocktail at the bar/cafe at No. 9 on Saturday. I'm pretty sure from past experience that they don't take reservations for the cafe. Have you found there's a wait on a Saturday night around 8:00? (I've only been later, when there hasn't been a wait.)

Same question about Craigie, only on Sunday. Do they take reservations for the bar/cafe? If not, what's it likely to be like at 8:00 on Sunday?

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  1. I'm not sure about No.9. It's been years since I ate at the bar. Regarding Craigie: they definitely take reservations for the bar side of the restaurant (not sitting at the actual bar). I actually prefer to sit over there. You get to order off both menus and I think it is a little roomier.

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      I'll confirm. I made a reservation for a bar area table as well. I also prefer sitting over there because, as heypielady said, you can order of the bar and the regular menu. The cool thing about sitting in the dining room though, is getting to see the open kitchen clearly.

    2. The Bar Room at No. 9 does not take reservations: walk-ins only.