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Cheap (er) or different pints at Pubs?

Hey all,
I don't know about you, but I'm getting so tired of the selection of beers on tap in MTL's pubs. I freqent Ye Olde Orchard, McKibbin's, Dundee's, Irish Embassy, O'Regans...and the like and the selection of beers is almost identical. Stella/Heineken/Carlsberg + the Irish (Guiness, Kilkenny, Smithwick's and Harp). Also, I'm a little tired of spending $8 on a pint that I could buy at the SAQ for 2.
Does anyone know of any pubs that serve a different variety of beers? For instance, something English (other than Newcastle) or Scottish or just different on tap? I've yet to find a pub that serves Boddington's, which is my favourite ale. Anyway, if you have any suggestions for somewhere with different beers on tap and maybe something a bit cheaper, I'd love to know!!!! (No brutopia please...)
ps preferably downtown but not essential!
thanks guys

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  1. The Burgundy Lion has Boddies on tap ... but you're still paying $8 for the privilege. There's a couple of places that serve Tetleys but they're escaping me at the moment.


    1. You probably need to go "east" and try a few of the micro-brasserie like "Dieu du Ciel", le "Cheval Blanc", ...

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        Not that he'll find Brit or Scot stuff, but it'll be a change, and much cheaper.

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          I'd add Vices&Versa for strictly québécois microbreweries on tap.

        2. If you're at O'Regans and drinking the Guiness then shame on you!!!! They serve Murphy's Stout, the pride of Cork. A much better pint imho.

          1. Was at McKibbins Saturday and they have Boddington's on tap

            1. biere et compagnie has a very nice selection of beer i don't remember the list though, lots of import

              le barouf had alot on tap

              1. I won't try to dissuade you from seeking the normal pub pints but I would urge you to check out the local brewpubs, some of which have been mentioned already but for at least one glaring absence: Saint Bock on St. Denis. You can find most any style of beer you want that's brewed in Quebec, support local brewers and save a few $ per pint at the same time. I would also argue that for some styles, such as certain types of Belgian beer, Quebec brewers can out-shine their inspirations with alarming regularity.

                1. I was walking around St-Hubert plaza the other day and right toward the end (south of Beaubien) there's a little "pub" that boasts an amazing selection of Quebecois bottled beers. Not sure what they have on tap though and haven't been - but certainly quite the variety inside.

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                      Vices and Versa usually has a healthy selection of Scottish beers on tap.

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                        Maybe they have Scottish style beers, but Vice & Versa doesn't sell imported beer which is what the OP is looking for.