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May 28, 2009 11:28 PM

A Plea to Chefs: What's With the Consistently Cold Food?

Local foodie fed up with with cold dishes served at "hot" restaurants.

I eat out every day, and I'm exhausted by so-called better restaurants that continue to deliver dishes that are supposed to be served hot served tepid. I know Toronto's a cold city, but this is just silly.

It occurs to me that I should probably just start cooking for myself. Up until now, I thought it was too much trouble (time=money), but very few places seem to be able to get it right, so I might as well save myself some $$$.

i don't understand why so many chefs insist on sending out lukewarm food. I know I'm fussy and a bit weird, but I tip well and, believe it or not, recommend places to pals. Don't you have a fixed overhead? Wouldn't it help to have a regular customer who helped out a bit with the rent?

If not and you don't want me there, c'est la vie. But I heard there's a recession on, and I would think champions, not complainers, would help just now.

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  1. Usually it takes longer to eat out at a restaurant (travel time, etc.) than it does to make food yourself. If I have a problem with cold food, I send it back and leave. As long as I still burn my mouth on food at times, I'm not too concerned...

    I think this is a bit of a silly complaint; what restaurants have you been to that serve dishes cold? You've never had a hot dish in Toronto? Ever?

    1. sounds silly to me

      overly hot food probably masks the flavors anyways

      1. I don't think that's silly; it can be so disappointing when one's food arrives less than hot, and some food - say, French fries, even - is totally ruined when it's not fresh and hot.

        that said, it isn't something that happens to me all the time or every time - but enough that I tend to comment happily when the food does arrive hot and fresh.

        1. Cold food usually isn't the fault of the Chef or even the line cooks. It's the fault of the Expediter and wait staff.