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May 28, 2009 10:52 PM

Granite Falls, Wa., Tsubaki Grand Shrine

I just found out that one of "The" Shinto shrines in the USA is located in Granite Falls, Wa.
Why Granite Falls? It's a fascinating question. But that question is for another thread on a another message board....
However, the thought of a Shinto Shrine in Granite Falls made me search for "restaurants", "near" Granite Falls, hoping for Japanese, Vegetarian, etc. type of restaurants with no luck at all.
Might there be some hidden gem in Granite Falls?
No matter, I will be heading up to Granite Falls to check out the Grand Shrine, next free day.
Are there any restaurants I should punch into my Garmin to check out for lunch or an early dinner?
Has anyone here been to the Grand Shrine?

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  1. I'd recommend Bodacious BBQ, except that doesn't fit your Japanese or vegetarian requirement. I've passed through GF on the way to and from hiking on and off over the years, and BBBQ is the only placed I've made a repeat visit to.

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    1. re: paulj

      Thank you Paul. The BBQ place did come up in my search. I'm not vegetarian at all, and not exclusive to Japanese cuisine, but I was hoping that because of the Shrine and the many visitors (possibly from Japan) and tourists, that some small cottage industries including restaurants might be there.

    2. There is absolutely nothing worth eating in Granite Falls unless you're a fan of inauthentic, bland, intestinal-distress-inducing slop that makes Dining By Sysco seem like the pinnacle of culinary bliss. The entirety of Snohomish County is really kind of a black hole when it comes to good food, but the restaurants in Granite Falls make even the offerings in nearby Lake Stevens feel grand.

      If you want fresh ingredients and semi-skilled preparation, I can't say strongly enough how much I would recommend hitting your local farmer's market and packing your own lunch.

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      1. re: touchmonkey

        Heh, so why don't you tell me how you really feel? <g>.
        I live in Lynnwood, and I have found the variety of ethnic restaurants and groceries in the area a pleasant surprise when I moved here a few years ago.

        1. re: ritabwh

          My latest ethnic food find in Lynnwood - canned corned mutton! JD's has it on sale.

          SW Snohomish has lots a food surprises for the diligent hunter. But I suspect the GF area remains a mix of old logging culture and new non-ethnic suburbia.

          I've seen a Thai takeout on the main street through GF (a block or so from the BBQ), but never stopped to check it out.

      2. Welcome to the area. I live in Lake Stevens, and hike near Granite Falls often. The Pizza Joint in Granite Falls, (omega) is hit and miss, but it does have a good vegetarian pizza.

        No hidden gems, sorry.

        There is a passable Italian/Greek place in Downtown Lake Stevens, Neapolis. Don't go to the Marysville location, but dinner on the deck over Catharine Creek on a warm summer evening is one of the nice things about Lake Stevens.

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        1. re: wallyz

          Thanks wallyz. I actually live in Lynnwood. I've made it up as far north as Marysville for work-related day trips, but have never turned eastward off I-5. This will be a good day trip for me to explore other areas off I-5.

          1. re: ritabwh

            I wonder if the Neapolis in Lake Stevens is connected with the one in Lynnwood? Wasn't the Brier the original location. I haven't been too happy with other selections in the Lake Stevens area, so it is good to know I might find a decent Greek appetizer plate up that way.

        2. It's on a loop road just before getting to GF. I remember the lake and city park nearby, but haven't been down Crooked Mile Rd. My guess is that it is on a modest property by the Pilchuck River (25 acre). The location may have something to do with being 'close to nature', and donation of property.

          Some years ago I visited a Russian Orthodox monastery on Vashon Island, built and run by a couple of monks on donated property. They had special events and feasts, as well as a mailorder coffee business. But the local business presence was limited to a booth at the local farmers market. I'm guessing this shrine is similar.

          Here's a group that held a retreat at the shrine

          1. I'll be darned. I have never heard of the shrine. I just found their website and read all about it. I agree with the relative lack of dining opportunities in Granite Falls proper.