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May 28, 2009 10:21 PM

Birthday dinner in DC

Hey guys!

So I'm turning 20 next week and would really like to celebrate my birthday with dinner in dc. I am a student at the University of Maryland so I thought it would be convenient for me and my friends to catch the metro and go out to dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good restaurant for college students? I want some place fun and different but definitely NOT expensive.


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  1. What kind of food do you like? What neighborhood/s?

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    1. re: DCDOLL

      And what is your exact price range?

    2. Jaleo: penns quarter, tapas
      Zlatynia: penns quarter, mediteranean/middle eastern small plates
      Eat First: chinatown, authentic chinese cooking/ roasted duck and pork
      Granville Moores: pomme frites and moules, beat Bobby Flay in a throwdown
      Pizza Paradiso: adult gourmet wood burning stove pizza in dupont circle or georgetown
      Clydes: chinatown

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        We're into lots of different foods but there will be about 20 people so I want to make sure there are lots of options. As to neighborhoods, anywhere in NW or NE dc is fine. I heard Busboys and Poets was a good place? Unfortunately they're having a ticketed event that night . I've been to Clyde's before so that could definitely be an option.

        And for price range... I don't want people having to drop $30 on a dinner so anything $25 and below.

        1. re: TerrapinLove

          I think any of the above would work if you call in advance and make sure they could handle your crowd and reserve a table. another choice would be old ebbitts grill. any of these places could fit your price range if you limit your drinking so you better get your blaze going at Terpville before you come downtown.

          1. re: dining with doc

            haha well if you know anything about the Terpville, that last part won't be a problem.

            Does anyone have any opinions on the Cheesecake Factory in Chevy Chase Pavilion? I can't really find any pictures of it but I've been to one in Towson and they're all usually pretty great.

        2. re: dining with doc

          Granville Moore's is a great suggestion. Matchbox in Chinatown?

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            And I also agree w/ joann.hill 12- Cava is great

          2. matchbox has good food for your age and price range. also whoever mentioned pizzeria paradiso, that's a good idea.

            1. Matchbox is great for groups and sharing also acadiana is good.

              1. I think Matchbox is a great suggestion. I organized a staff social there a little while ago (at the one in Chinatown) and they were extremely accommodating. Just call them in advance and ask for a table upstairs.
                I also organized an outing for a group of about 15 at Cava on Barracks Row in Capitol Hill (a few blocks off of Eastern Market Metro--a few doors down from the other Matchbox--on 8th st.). Cava serves Greek-inspired food mezze style (small plates but big enough to share). The food was fantastic and the service was great. Again, just make sure to call ahead with details.
                The Cheesecake factory in Friendship Heights would also be a great choice but I personally like Matchbox and Cava better for large groups.

                Happy Birthday!