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May 28, 2009 09:13 PM

Stand Mixer-Hamilton Beach 63220 or Kitchen Aid Artisan?

I've noticed Kitchen Aid Mixers have gotten a bad rap lately. In looking at reviews on Amazon, it seems like people are happier with the Hamilton Beach 63220 and the price is similar. I've never had a mixer before but I want to be able to make pizza dough, bread, etc.

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    1. re: sigari

      I would second this. While I have no experience at all with the KA or the HB, the Cuisinart is an incredible machine- don't think I've ever seen a bad review...

    2. I have a Kitchen Aid Pro and have used the Cuisinart. I prefer the Cuisinart. The opening method is better, it does not struggle as much on heavier loads and it has an additional power take off point. I cannot comment on the HB. My personal preference though goes to the Kenwood Chef which is sold in NA as the Delonghi. I still have one in the UK which is 30 years old. It has far more attachments, far more power and (IMO) better constructed. The downside is that Delonghi has a reputation for having a service department where the word service is a total misnomer.

      1. Hi nelgie123. I have the Hamilton Beach 63220. I was in the same situation you are couple of months ago and finally went for the HB because there was a very good discount in a local store . So I got a new one for less than half the price of a KA or Cuisinart and so far I love it . It comes with a 3 years warranty so I figured I had not much to lose. It is very very quiet which is a plus for me being the night cook I am,( I like to cook after midnight when I won't get disturbed). The only thing is if you want to make bread often I don't know if it would last, because I made some and the machine was moving a lot, but the motor did not struggle, or became hot, just the head vibrating on the stand. But I have a bread machine I use to make the dough and I cook it in my oven, so for me it's not a big draw back, but it could be for you. I know that it's not in the same league as the Cuisinart or the old Kenwood, but the price is also not in the same league and since I don't expect to mix cement with it, I'm happy . It get's the job easily done as far as cake batter or cookie dough or meringue and suits my needs. Hope it helps you in your choice

        1. We purchased a KA Artisan a while ago and we are not at all happy with it. The mixing action is poor, particularly for bread dough and the gear reducer has developed a real whine and grind sound when you load it up. I cannot speak for the HB but I sure would not buy another KA.

          1. FWIW, In their most recent review of high-end stand mixers in 2008, ATK/Cook's Illustrated rated the Cuisinart 5.5 qt. top (Highly recommended) for the first time. The KA Artisan and HB (not sure model#) were down the list (recommended with reservations). The KA Professional was rated 'recommended'-apparently they have changed their dough hook design completely. I've had my KA Professional for years and love it.