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May 28, 2009 08:42 PM

Mei Long Village or Lake Spring for "Pork Pump"?

I have never had "Pork Pump", but have read about this dish on this board, and seen a pic of it in Gourmet Mag along with an article that mentions Lake Spring. I would love take a few friends out to try this dish. Who makes it better, MLV or Lake Spring, or perhaps somewhere else?

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  1. Also available at Giang Nian, but they seem to de-fat the pork more than MLV or Lake Spring. The Lake Spring version is the most decadent I've had between the three. Super moist with a jelly-like exterior that oozes with sauce and "juice". Both MLV and Lake Spring's versions are good and you won't be disappointed with either one. MLV has a pretty good crab in brown sauce with noodles.

    I like the other dishes at Giang Nian better though. The xiao long bao, deep fried yellow croaker with seaweed batter, mixed stir fry with ba-bao sauce, crab and pork meat ball casserole, red cooked pork with tofu knots, the list goes on.

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      Giang Nian is my fave - sort of like perfect BBQ...

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        oops. spelling correction: it is Giang NAN, not Giang NIAN

      2. I'd vote for Lake Spring (even with the change in ownership).

        Nothing wrong with the version at MLV, but Lake Spring's pork pump is just a bit more rustic and earthy.

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            I also love Lake Spring's other version (the "Xiao Zhu Jiao" (sorry for the mangled name - my SGV Hound was re-pronouncing it for me over the phone :), the light/white version of the Pork that's served with the Dark Vinegar. Love that version as well. :)

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              Are you talking about braised pig's feet?

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                Not pig's feet. What they do is shred the meat and make a terrine with it (kind of). The name escapes me, but we have it all the time.

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                  Hi ipsedixit,

                  Oops, yes. :) I realize it's a different part of the pig, but I've grown accustomed to having my SGV Hounds order "a giant mound of Pork" (ala Pork Pump or this dish I was talking about) and enjoying either or both. :) Thanks for the clarification.

                  1. re: exilekiss

                    Pump ... feet ... it's all good! (excpet for the pig, of course)

            2. Love them both.
              Haven't had Gaing Nan's tho'
              AT MLV they have a special one you need to pre-order that is "brined." Takes some of the fat content down and puts the meaty parts more up-front.

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                Hi Ciao Bob,

                Very nice! :) Thanks for the tip. How far in advance do you have to let MLV know to get the Brined version? Thanks.

                1. re: exilekiss

                  Hi EK,
                  If memory serves me well, a day is enough. But check with them to be sure.

              2. I searched around and had no idea what you guys were talking about, until I saw a photo of it (posted on Yelp). Thankfully we are not talking about some chubby chasing naughty videos.

                This dish looks like "Hung Shao Yuen Ti" (or Hung Shao Ti Pang). I always thought it was a pork shoulder or shank.

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                  A misspelling of RUMP. After the mistake was discovered and everyone had a good laugh, they decided to let it be. I kinda like that...

                  I know I'll like the dish, too, whenever I get around to trying it. From the descriptions, Lake Spring looks like it'd row my boat best.

                2. I'm leaning toward Lake Spring for the Pork Pump. Are they friendly to non-Chinese speakers? Does the the Pork Pump need to be ordered ahead? Any other menu recommendations at Lake Spring?

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                  1. re: noodlie

                    I posted on this a couple yrs ago. Not sure about the ownership change but we were all really underwhelmed by this dish, which is sort of a squishy mound of pork butt, with a light soy-anise taste as I remember. Unless you've exhausted the entire MP restaurant scene, which I can't begin to contemplate, I can't really see going out of one's way for this dish or for Lake Spring. Guess I'm in the minority but it seemed that this dish sort of rode the novelty of the odd spelling error, and not much else. And I've seen way funnier spelling errors.

                    That said, it was (is?) a solid Chinese restaurant with a big menu, and they spoke decent Chinese-restaurant English.