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May 28, 2009 08:26 PM

A vegetarian in Sydney

Hello! I just arrived in Sydney yesterday from Chicago, and will be spending the next 6 months working in the CBD. I haven't seen a post yet on the most vegetarian-friendly (no meat or seafood, eggs & dairy ok) places to eat around the city, so I'd love to get everyone's input. Here are the details of my query:

Type of food: Anything! I love all flavors and cuisines from all corners, from holes in the wall to fine dining

Budget: I'd like to keep to a tighter budget most of the time (~$10-$15 for a meal without drinks), and splurge once or twice a month on the upscale restaurants

Location: I am currently in a temporary apartment near Circular Quay, but will likely be moving to Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay, or elsewhere in the CBD. I am willing and eager to travel for the best eats if you can help me get there - I'd like to explore as best I can on and off the beaten track.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know this city, and to reporting back on my culinary adventures!

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  1. Iku is a good fallback for lunch espec if you are working. Seem to recall there was one in MLC building, Martin Place.
    It's been a while since I was there so I'm sketchy on other places for now although there are two decent places on King St in Newtown I think:
    -Green Gourmet
    -Green Palace

    I've heard some of the best places are Vietnamese and are out in Cabramatta. Not tried them, but really wanted to. Let me know if you manage to.

    Hope you find some good places!

    1. Big welcome to Sydders. Firstly, i just want to say that I was in Chicago last month and had THE most fabulous meal at Green Zebra. Unfortunately we have nothing so impressive (in the way of veg restaurants) here.. But i'll list some places that are nice and veg friendly. And i don't just mean nice-if-you're-a-vegetarian, but i actually recommend these spots. The last two are pizza joints .. our pizzas are very sparse compared to the chicago style!

      - Yulli's, Surry Hills (head next door to Mille vini or across the road to Pizze e birra too)
      - Sababba, Bondi (epic felafel list)
      - Longrain Surry hills although more limited is simply wonderful - saltnpepper tofu, veg eggnets and dessert are a must
      -Fu Manchu, Darlinghurst
      - Maya Indian Sweets (not for the sweets, but for the veg thali and bollywood films on flatscreens)
      - Govindas movie and veg buffet night is fun (Darlinghurst)
      - Pastizzi cafe, Newtown. At night it turns into a sweet space dedicated to fresh pasta- always with a veg option
      -Badde manors vegetarian cafe, Glebe- this is okaay, but worth a visit for its proximity to a mexican donut-ery and gleebooks
      -Dank St Depot, Waterloo for breakfast (other mealtimes not so veg friendly). Across the road is Cafe Sopra above Fratelli fresh also completely wonderful.
      - Mint cafe, surry hills - many mezze, 1 or 2 veg mains. Same for Kazbah on Darling.
      - Love Supreme, Paddington
      - Pompeii's - Bondi Beach (don't miss their gelato either...)

      Hope this helps.. I haven't divvied them up by price, but most have websites. Enjoy your stay velvetdc!!

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        Hi! For some reason I never saw this response, though it was nearly a year ago!! I just moved back to Chicago after 10 months in Australia and I ended up at quite a lot of the places on your list! Yullis, Sababba, Longrain, Pompeii's... to be honest the worst meal for the money I had as vegetarian was at Tetsuya's, which was uninventive and bland to say the least... while the others were getting tuna and beef, I had two tiny courses of a white savory custard and then a few tiny gnocchis in a few tablespoons of broth. Both dessert courses featured the same ingredients...

        Sydney and Melbourne featured some really wonderful, inventive, fresh vegetarian food. I ended up spending most of my time in Melbourne, so sooner or later I will write up my take on the best!