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May 28, 2009 08:16 PM

Jimmy John's in KOP

A new sub sandwich shop opened in King of Prussia recently - in the same small plaza off 202 that Acme is in. As a matter of fact, it's the second sub shop that opened in that location - the other one was Subway (no longer there).

Jimmy John's is supposedly a franchise operation with restaurants elsewhere.

Today was its grand opening and was selling a variety of six sandwiches for $!.
They were pretty crowded all day.

My review - for one dollar, I am grateful for what they gave me. No comparison to Subway or most other places. The sandwiches I had were very plain and without much taste. What I liked most about the sandwiches were the fresh vegetables - the shredded iceberg lettuce was very crisp, the alfalfa sprouts (yes, many of their sandwiches contain sprouts) were very fresh and very plentiful, and the cucumbers and tomatoes also tasted freshly cut.

The turkey slices were of good quality but in small quantity in the sandwich (contrast this with the amount you would get from the sub shop in Wayne/Paoli called John's).
The vegetarian sub contains a nice mixture of items including provolone cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and sprouts and a SMALL dab of avocado spread. The avocado amount is ridiculously small.

The bread is your typical airy Amaroso type refined white flour kind - it was fresh, but vastly inferior to the bread at Subway. Jimmy John's uses Hellman's mayo so at least they don't skimp there.

In short, there is alot of food in the subs, but it is mostly lettuce.

Several annoyances - unlike Subway where all food prepration is out in the open for the customer to see, JJ has this cover that blocks the customer from seeing how his sandwich is put together and what the ingredients look like before they are put on a sandwich. Subs were given out to customers simply wrapped - not placed in any other bag, and no effort was to include napkins - the customer had to remind himself to get a napkin. Music in the place was on loud and was appropriate for a very younger crowd.

Unlike Subway, these subs contained little taste in the way of spice - you have to ask for the addition of flavor such as oregano. Without seeing how my sandwich was assembled, I didn't know what was being added or not added UNTIL I OPENED UP MY SANDWICH.

As I said, for one dollar, I will keep my complaining to a minimum.

If a person has a few extra dollars. I'd think they'd be much better off getting more substantial food next door at the Baja Grill. The normal price of these subs is not cheap, and does not match the quality of ingredients used. Lettuce and cucumber are not that expensive. The price probably goes towards the sprouts.

If I was hungry and wanted a sub, I'd rather spend an extra dollar and get a larger amount of tuna, turkey, or avocado in my sandwich at another place.

I wonder - if Subway couldn't make it in this location, why would/should this place?
The use of sprouts?

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  1. I have not been to the new KOP location, but went to JJs in Louisville, KY several times last summer and had much better sandwiches than what you describe. Hopefully things will improve in this location as they settle in. I liked the sandwiches I got last summer, and appreciated the fact that they deliver.

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      I went there the other day knowing that a friend of mine in Chicago swears by them.

      The sandwich, at best, was mediocre and the blaring metal music was annoying (I'm 36 years old and like that kind of music, but not blaring while I'm eating my sandwich and trying to have a conversation).

      Frankly with a Lee's less than a mile down the road on the same side of the street, I would never opt for JJ's again.

      I give the place a year before it's gone.

      1. re: mitchh

        When I first saw the sign a few months ago, I got excited to think Jimmy John's hotdogs from Westchester was opening in KOP. I was dissappointed when I looked at the menu and it looked just like Bear Rock which is 2 blocks away.

        1. re: mitchh

          I wonder if the choice of music and its volume is directed to a demographic or if it's used to motivate the workers at JJ. In any case, if that choice continues, the place can forget about attracting a small portion of the population.

          If a person does not want a sandwich with herb and spice flavor added to it, as is encouraged by a place like Subway, and prefers a plain sandwich with just the basics, with small portions of the "main ingredient (meat, poultry, etc.)", I'd recommend JJ. Also, if you need a fix of sprouts on your sandwich, they load them on and they are very fresh - A+ in that regard. Other places should take notice and offer such healthier condiments. I didn't ask for one, but the menu lists the option to get a whole kosher dill pickle - a nice touch over the sweet sliced pickles that many other places add to their sandwiches. Michael's Deli nearby (still in business?) I'd guess makes authentic sandwiches with real kosher dill pickles.

          I haven't been to Lee's, but it seems like they add more substance to their sandwiches from what I gather (they better for their higher prices).

          Years ago, I used to get turkey subs/hoagies at a place in Malvern/Wayne? called John's or something like that. They put a HUGE amount of breast meat turkey slices in their sandwich with layers of cheese and other salad vegetables. It was the best turkey sub/hoagie I had ever had.

          Like you said, even local places add more pizazz to their hoagies/subs than this sanitized version at JJ. One of the treats of getting a sandwich at Subway is the quality of their breads. It's unfortunate that sometimes a national chain of places sanitizes the quality and flavor of their product so as to not offend anyone.

      2. A couple have sprung up in Center City out of nowhere as well.

        Any place where the main advertising point is "ridiculously fast" is probably not putting much emphasis on food quality.

        Given that this is the home of the hoagie, I am amazing at how well Subway, Quizno's, etc. does in this town.

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        1. re: barryg

          Barry, I was having that very same conversation this morning. IMO a local pizza shop makes a better hoagie than these type of chain places.

          1. re: mitchh

            This is a chain out of the midwest.... how do they think they are going to succeed in an area with a tradition of good hoagies. Locally driven celebrity chains have failed (remember Mike Schmidts?) and I have seen both Subways and Quiznos fail (Quiznos failed in Doylestown right across from the Courthouse, but Primo hoagies succeeds even though they cost a lot more than Quiznos.). That shopping center, where the Jimmy Johns is next to a Baja fresh, and the only other draw in the shopping center is the acme.. is not an ideal location either. I give Jimmy Johns six months before the economy and bad product put them out of business.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Heh! Cheers CW! I bet you're right. I like Primos. Closest thing to Sarcone's I can get in the hinterlands of Montco. Silvio's is great, FTR!

        2. Quite honestly, anyone living in the Philadelphia area that eats at Subway let alone uses it as a comparison for a good sandwich doesn't hold much credibility, sorry.

          1. I was headed to the Baja Fresh in KoP for some fish tacos on Thursday when they had a long line outside the new Jimmy John's due to some WYSP promotion. I looked at their menu and wasn't impressed at all. This is the land of the Hoagie! My prediction is they will be gone within 6-12 months if not sooner.

            Primo Hoagies rocks! Ugh, how can anyone bring up the abomination that is Subway? I'm shocked they are even able to remain in our area with their substandard "subs"..err hoagies? that are all bread and lettuce.

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            1. re: 94Bravo

              My feeling on Subway is that they succeed on account of their health-conscious marketing message and fast-food style service (ie, it feels like you get your sandwich fast). Most real hoagie shops feel slower because you need to place your order and wait. Subway is also cheaper than most hoagie shops.

              1. re: barryg

                Barry I think you hit the nail on the head about Subway.