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May 28, 2009 07:38 PM

Telepan and Dovetail's brunches

I'm planning to take my sister and my parents to brunch for my sister's birthday on Sunday. I am facing a huge dilemma in trying to decide between Telepan and Dovetail's brunch. Has anyone been to both? Which would you recommend? I generally hear that Dovetail is a better restaurant than Telepan, but want to know how brunch stacks up.

Any other recs in this price range with this amount of food are also welcome.

Thanks CH'ers! I can always count on you guys!

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  1. I've done Telepan and haven't yet done Dovetails. I'd also suggest looking into Ouest for brunch. I think the price is the same, you may get one more course at Dovetail, but the bread at Ouest more than makes up for it. I definitely liked Ouest more than Telepan for brunch. Not sure how Dovetail stacks up brunch wise, as I just haven't gotten there yet, but almost every other meal I've had there (10 or so) has been pretty good.