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May 28, 2009 07:26 PM

Best store-brand MARINADE to be used on TOFU ?

I'm doing a diet that's going pretty well (7 pounds in three weeks- yipee) and having always disliked it 'bland', I recently discovered the joys of marinated tofu that gets 1-2 days to soak the juices in the fridge.

I HATE making marinade recipes (following the portions, hunting down the right herbs, etc.) so I was wondering if anyone knew any amazin marinades for tofu that could be picked up at the local grocery stores.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pardon my ignorance but I don't think there is such a thing as a specific marinade made for tofu. I always thought tofu would absorb pretty much any flavour - so at the risk of sounding silly, I suggest you just make your own simple, low fat marinades. Herbs, well packed can keep for at least a week in the refrigerator, and some simple basics (lemons, limes, sriracha sauce, chili paste, curry pastes, soy sauce, mirin etc..) should make it easy to whip up a marinade whenever the mood strikes.
    The beauty of doing it yourself is knowing exactly what went into it, and not addings unnecessary ingredients like oil, sugar, corn syrup or other additives.

    Congratulations on the weight loss and the resolve. Keep it up!

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    1. re: maisonbistro

      I'm sorry, I didn't mean a specific tofu-made marinade but a storebrand marinade that goes great with tofu.

      As the post mentions I hate making my own marinades and am looking for something that's available for purchase at the grocery.

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        I have made fajitas with tofu that I marinated in a simple Kraft HOT bbq sauce with some added hot sauce. I then fry it up with peppers, onions, zucchinis and mushrooms and put in some tortillas. Its simple and I just love the bbq sauce taste! It's a cheap and delicious sauce. You can add stuff like hot sauces, sour cream or guacamole.

        1. re: BoomerKid

          It's really probably easier to make your own marinade than to go to the store and buy it. And, as Maisonbistro says, at least you know exactly what's gone into it - especially if you're trying to follow a diet, you're far better off mixing up something yourself - it really doesn't take much time or effort to make a simple marinade for tofu, and it doesn't have to be in the least bit complicated.

          1. re: cherylmtl

            I truly appreciate the sentiment and kudos to those able to do theirs but that's really not what i'm looking for. I can add some salt, slice in some peppers, but I'm looking for a delicious fully made marinade that i can buy.

            The simple kraft sounds interesting. is it a sweet or more traditional BBQ taste?

            1. re: BoomerKid

              I get the spicy kraft one, it say ``hot `` & ``piquant``. Cheap and good!

      2. My vegetarian sister swears by the PC spicy peanut sauce (she uses the lower fat one), with a little extra sriracha thrown in. She doesn't so much marinate it, but more throw it all in a little baking dish and toss it in the oven. It's really good with a little steamed broccoli, and rice too.

        I sometimes throw my tofu in a container with a little powered ginger, powered garlic, and light soy. I don't measure and it always turns out yummy. This marinade (if you can call it that) is so easy, you can throw it together while you're running out the door.

        1. President's Choice "Memories of Bangkok" sauce is great. it has a sesame/rice wine vinegar, tangy flavor. I mix it with some sambal & soy for a dumpling dipping sauce, and it brightens up any stir-fry.

          1. I like the Soy Vay teriaki marinade but it's not low calorie at all. They are sold in Les Douceurs du Marche at Atwater Market.

            You can also try to stew tofu on low heat instead of marinating.

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            1. re: marblebag

              I also love the soy vay veri veri teriyaki.

            2. Trader Joe's Soyaki marinade is great.