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Drinks in the afternoon?

I have an afternoon free and a friend who's willing, so I was hoping to find a place where I could sit for a few hours in the mid-afternoon with a drink. Someplace not too sleek; this is less about the cocktail and more about wiling away some free time before reality hits again. Any suggestions - Boston, Cambridge, Somerville? I like Highland Kitchen, but it's not open until later; someone suggested Dante or Publick House but same problem. Thanks.

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  1. If it is a nice day, the roof deck at Daedalus (Harvard Square) is a great place to have a drink in the afternoon. Also in Harvard Square, Tory Row looks like the kind of place that would be good for this sort of thing, although I haven't been yet myself.

    Another option could be Orleans in Davis Square, which I wouldn't normally recommend for a meal (the food is not that great and overpriced), but it has nice places to sit and a good bar, and is open in the afternoon, so it could suit your needs.

    1. If it's beer and sunshine you crave try the deck at The Otherside. They have a pretty good beer selection and decent food. Just make sure you are dressed like Thurston Moore circa 1993.

      1. In no particular order:
        Deep Ellum.
        The Other Side.
        The Silhouette.
        The Druid.
        Bukowski's (Back Bay).

        1. I have spent many a lovely afternoon on the back deck at Deep Ellum -- best of all, you'll likely have a certain level of privacy until people start getting off work.

          1. Audubon Circle has a small and lovely, bamboo-lined patio out back.

            1. I love Eastern Standard for afternoon drinks. It's pretty low-key then, they have a decent menu available for the times between lunch and dinner, the cocktails are fantastic but they also have some great beers and wines, and it's comfortable, grab a hightop table or sit at the bar and relax.

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                I would agree with the ESK recommendation. It is generally very quiet in the afternoon, unless there is a Sox game. Great bar and they have some good afternoon "snacks" as well. I have enjoyed many any afternoon there with friends.

              2. Corner Pub of Chinatown seems to have its share of dedicated daytime drinkers, and the bar banter is pretty good. Ditto the tavern side of J.J. Foley's Cafe in the South End.

                Wish I had more leisure time for this kind of thing. I'd definitely be hanging at the bar at Eastern Standard or the back patio at Audubon Circle.


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                  These are great suggestions - thanks, everyone. I'm leaning to Audubon Circle since I'm sort of over in that direction now, but I'm going to have to try to hit the other places on the list - and quick, before school ends!

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                    Cambridge: Upstairs on the Square, and also Harvest (in nice weather, you can probably sit outside on the terrace).

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                    Durty Nellie's has a regular mid day crowd too..:)