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May 28, 2009 07:22 PM

Drinks in the afternoon?

I have an afternoon free and a friend who's willing, so I was hoping to find a place where I could sit for a few hours in the mid-afternoon with a drink. Someplace not too sleek; this is less about the cocktail and more about wiling away some free time before reality hits again. Any suggestions - Boston, Cambridge, Somerville? I like Highland Kitchen, but it's not open until later; someone suggested Dante or Publick House but same problem. Thanks.

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  1. If it is a nice day, the roof deck at Daedalus (Harvard Square) is a great place to have a drink in the afternoon. Also in Harvard Square, Tory Row looks like the kind of place that would be good for this sort of thing, although I haven't been yet myself.

    Another option could be Orleans in Davis Square, which I wouldn't normally recommend for a meal (the food is not that great and overpriced), but it has nice places to sit and a good bar, and is open in the afternoon, so it could suit your needs.

    1. If it's beer and sunshine you crave try the deck at The Otherside. They have a pretty good beer selection and decent food. Just make sure you are dressed like Thurston Moore circa 1993.

      1. In no particular order:
        Deep Ellum.
        The Other Side.
        The Silhouette.
        The Druid.
        Bukowski's (Back Bay).

        1. I have spent many a lovely afternoon on the back deck at Deep Ellum -- best of all, you'll likely have a certain level of privacy until people start getting off work.

          1. Audubon Circle has a small and lovely, bamboo-lined patio out back.