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May 28, 2009 07:15 PM

Foodies from Toronto

Hey SF CH-ers,

My partner and I are two foodies from Toronto looking for some good eats in SF. We're traveling on somewhat of a tight budget but we're looking for a good mix of good cheap eats, and one or two upscale restaurants (preferably seafood).

We'll be in the city for a week, so suggestions on good farmers markets where we can get healthy and cheap fresh food for breakfast and sandwiches would be great too.

We're staying at Market St. and 3rd, and plan on stumbling back from dinner at least once.

If a particular food venue is compelling enough we are not opposed to traveling by transit, even if it's to Berkley or Oakland.

Thanks in advance, can't wait to get your suggestions!

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  1. This should get you started

    Visitng SF. Eat like a local not a tourist.

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      Stumbled across this thread that might be of interest from last summer:

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      1. If you are at Market and 3rd and want "upscale" seafood... and a unique-to-SF experience... and a close by restaurant(!) then my strong reccomendation would be Ame.

        For inexpensive stuff, I really like Helmand Palace (Afghani) in Russian Hill and L'Osteria del Forno (Northern Italian, no reservations, cash only) in North Beach.