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May 28, 2009 07:12 PM

Old fashioned meatball grinder & coffee cabinet NYC to Boston?

Traveling from NYC To Boston. Looking to find the best old fashioned meatball grinders and coffee cabinets like I enjoyed as a kid visiting New England (sadly, almost 50 yrs ago). Not sure if memory serves me right, but I believe the grinders were served on hard crusted submarine rolls. Maybe both can be found at the same place?

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  1. I think a stop in RI might be your best bet. I grew up n Ri and alwyas remember coffeee milk, with Eclipse syrup, and many places with a meatball grinder for sure. Now I was never one to enjoy coffee flavor anything, most of my family still do that live there.

    Since i moved away 30 years ago I can't direct you to any place that will be able to satisfy your wants for both.

    Hope someone will now post to help you out. I will be down that way this weekend, so I'll ask around .

    Good luck in your quest.

    Good luck in satisfiying your cravngs.