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X20 Xaviar's on the Hudson

has anyone been here?

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  1. Plug X2O into search and you will find several threads including this one:

    1. I thought it was just okay. There is a lot of other restaurants I would rather go to. The place is beautiful inside, probably the best bathroom I have been in, but the food was just all right & I found the menu not interesting.

      1. Shoekittykat, definitely do a search, because many CHs feel differently from patunia, myself included.

        1. I agree with ice_cream & check out other opinions. I have only eaten there once & I found the menu so far from boring that I found it difficult to choose just one dish. Their current menu is at:

          1. Definitely check other endless posts on X20 - we've been only once, but would go back for certain.

            1. I've been there twice. First right after it opened, I sat in the Asian influenced bar area, and it was quite good, although more casual and quick. The second time, The experience was marred by a spat with my wife :) , and an appetizer that was dissapointing, so much so that I can't remember what it was. I had the Hog chop(pork chop) for my entree and I thought it probably the best pork chop I've ever had.

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                I love the place and fine it the equal of any restaurant in NYC

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                  Me too--have reservations next week. Looking forward to having one of the BEST appetizers I ever had again (the short rib ravioli)!

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                    Had a fabulous dinner last night. We first had cocktails at the bar (delicious Manhattan and Martini). New to the breadbasket offerings were the most delicious biscuits we've ever had, baked with chives and roquefort. For apps we had my favorite short rib ravioli, which did not disappoint, and a special of excellent spicy ahi tuna. We decided to go for the iron chef winning steak for two---holy cow! Literally--it was easily enough for four people, served with creamed spinach and buttery potatoes. Since there were only two of us, we took home enough for a couple of big steak sandwich lunches (and a meaty bone for the 4 legged chowhound). For dessert we shared a special of mousse served with terrific melt in your mouth little cinnamon donuts. For this fabulous feast, with a cocktail and generously poured glass of wine each, the price was very reasonable. And yes, the bathroom is magnificent.

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                      Sounds yummy. I love the cowboy stead. We live in northern westchester so Yonkers is a bit of a hike. We go more often to X in Congers where the Cote de Boeuf (sp?) for two is now on the menu. Same as the cowboy steak and fanatastic!

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                        Crazy, but the creamed spinach is what I remember best from my meal there about a year ago... YUM!!

                2. I went Last friday night... opted for a later reservation so that we wouldn't have to deal with crowds and noise. It ended up being a great move! Service was great and we weren't rushed out the door.
                  For appetizers we had lobster crepe and scallop sushi. The lobster crepe was browned perfectly, giving it just enough crisp but not making it tasted like a tortilla, and stuffed with an ample amount of fresh lobster (also beautifully garnished). the scallops were very thinly sliced and served with thinly sliced cuccumbers that just the scent of them alone was enough to tickle your palet.
                  For dinner we had the Ahi Tuna encrusted with puffed rice,again wonderful and the sirloin steak. Dinner portions were more than enough for both of us but did leave just enough room to indulge in dessert. I also asked for a side of risotto that was prepared with fresh horseradish and scallions. THAT.... could be the new food that I eat my weight in!
                  Dessert was the best butterscotch pudding that I have ever had.
                  Overall, a remarkable dinning experience..... can't wait to return!

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                    We had that same butterscotch pudding - while we loved the taste, there was something "grainy" in the consistency, as though sugar (or horreur, corn starch?) hadn't disolved right. While the rest of the meal was great, I remember the creamed spinach side dish best...

                    Birthday coming up - perhaps time to return!

                    1. re: Nancy C

                      We were there last month and didn't love it. It's not that it was bad, far from it. It was perfectly nice. But I was hoping for one of those food epiphany evenings where I just keep exclaiming about how amazing everything is and that's not what I got. I no longer remember what we ate. (Sorry, should have done a review right away.) We won't be back, not in an angry, refuse to darken their doorstep ever again kind of way, just that, for a special occasion, there are other, better choices.

                      FWIW, in the last few years, we've had food epiphany meals at Eleven Madison Park and Napa and Co (Stamford). And on a much more casual level, I couldn't stop yapping about the sandwich I was eating at 'wichcraft a couple of months ago.

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                        We're looking for something new to try for an up coming birthday, and Napa and Company sounds very interesting!

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                          can you tell me more about wichcraft

                          1. re: shoekittykat

                            I think they will get rid of this or move it since wichcraft is in the city. Are you talking about Tom Colicchio's place?

                            1. re: wincountrygirl

                              shoekitty, I did mean Colicchio's sandwich place, as wincountry suggests. It's in Manhattan, so you might want to take a look at that board.

                    2. We had another wonderful dinner at X20 last night. I was surprised at how easy it was to get a reservation at the last minute. I made a 7PM reservation on Open Table from Tuesday on Monday afternoon. We arrived a bit early with only two, not the expected three diners, and were seated immediately. Note to the files: don't let them seat you next to the door to the terrace unless you're a smoker or have young children who have to be aired out frequently. We quickly realized that the table was a problem for us, and they uncomplaingly moved us to another, more tranquil spot. We started with cocktails and I had a house peach concoction that was yummy. My DH had a martini, and though both drinks were perfectly prepared, neither of us was happy with the stemless glasses that just don't seem to keep the drink as cold. As we perused the menu, we both realized that it was going to be very, very difficult to choose our meal since we both had several appetizers and several entrees that we couldn't decide among. I finally landed on the Spaghetti ala Chitarra and my DH had the short rib and fois gras ravioli. Both were fantastic and were served very hot. For dinner, I had the Greek inspired lamb with orzo. There were two small chops as well as some very tender leg meat cooked and presented as a small medallion. It was delicious, my only complaint being that it could have been spiced a bit more assertively. When a menu promises harissa, I do expect a little snap, which was lacking. My DH had the roasted Hudson Valley free range chicken with wild mushroom risotto and asparagus with hollandaise. He pronounced it delicious with all elements perfectly cooked. For dessert, I had the Lemon Napolean with curd and mousse, which was also wonderful. Amazingly, given the weather, it didn't rain and we had a lovely sunset. On the way out, we stopped to chat with Peter Kelly to clear up the mystery of the local corn that was cited on the menu. Everyone we asked claimed it was from around Peekskill, which given the weather this spring would mean it would have to be from a magic farm. Apparently, local is southern Jersey!

                      It was a really wonderful evening.

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                      1. re: roxlet

                        I'm glad to hear so many positive reviews because the one meal I had there (March) was disasterous. The service was terrible. We were seated without menus, no drink orders, had to flag down assistance repeatedly, etc. Two of our items had to be sent back due to "skin" forming over them -- must have been under the salamander too long! Anyway, we received great apologies from Peter Kelly and his brother (does he run the front of house?) but I'm not sure we'd ever risk it again. FWIW, there were two large parties seated close to us.

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                          We went to X20 Sunday brunch for the first time, six people. I thought it was a great brunch. They give you as much champagne as you could drink and keep refilling the glasses as soon as they are empty. Everybody had different apps and entrees. All were really very good. The passings were also very good. The service is excellent. Well worth the price.

                          1. re: irvingk

                            I have been there for dinner, lunch and brunch, and though I enjoyed all my meals, I think they do brunch the best, both in terms of consistency of food quality and value. And I'm not usually much of a brunch lover.

                        2. Going to X20 for first time this week
                          Any suggestions???

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                            Both of our apps, the spaghetti with crab and the short rib ravioli were wonderful. My review is above. There is a lot to choose from, so I suggest that you look at their menu online to start the thought process! Hope you enjoy it; we did.

                          2. I'm going to x2o for the first time this week with my dad. I just want to check if I did my hw correct. Recommended dishes are fois gras ravioli, cowboy steak for 2, and butterscotch pudding?

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                              I think some like, some hate the pudding; however I've never heard anyone complain about the "black and brulee" dessert. Personally I like most any seafood dish served there. The specials are often very worth considering. I've had the cowboy steak for 2 (mainly to please my dad, whom we were treating to dinner). It's fine, but then again I'm not really that much of a steak person.

                              1. re: DGresh

                                Yes the Black & Brulee is excellent, as is the normal Creme Brulee. I would go with any of the raw fish appetizers, they are typically specials.

                              2. re: daffyduck

                                I've had everything you mentioned and they are all really excellent. The ravioli are the stuff of dreams. Also, Costco is selling $50 X20 (any of Peter Kelly's restaurants) for $40. I just got 2 which covers most of the meal. It's not every day you can get 20% off a restaurant of this class.

                                1. re: gordoma

                                  wow. thanks. good to know ill definitately be coming back.
                                  i loved the ravioli too. When I went a few days ago I tried the donuts and frozen souffle dessert. The donuts are to die for especially when dunked in the butterscotch pudding lol. The souflfe was not as great but still good.
                                  My main was the cowboy ribeye in addition to the spinach and potatos it came with a small side of some yellow sauce. i loved the sauce! if anyone knows what it is please let me know.

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                                    "Also, Costco is selling $50 X20 (any of Peter Kelly's restaurants) for $40."

                                    Can you explain this?

                                    A discount on X20? I can't think of a better deal.

                                    The restaurant is the best there is in Westchester.

                                    1. re: anonymouse1935

                                      Costco's in Westchester and Rockland are selling a package of $100 worth of Xaviar's gift cards (2x$50) for $79.99. I am not sure how long this will go on, I would not expect it past the end of the year. They come in a nice package, and the cards are individually wrapped. As I've been telling people, if I were the sort of person who gave holiday gifts (I am not), this would be my gift this year. Instead, I just bought a bunch for gifts for myself :-). We are going for brunch this Sunday. Never been to X2O for brunch before, although we were regulars in Garrison and went to X last year (it was ok but not the same as Garrison).

                                      BTW the gift cards are good at all of Peter Kelly's restaurants -- Xaviars, Freelance Cafe, X and X2O. It's on a display somewhere in the store. If you can't find it, ask a cashier or the person at the counter in front of the registers, that is where they keep them.

                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                        Thanks, MisterBill2. I think you'll enjoy the brunch.

                                        I miss Garrison.

                                        1. re: anonymouse1935

                                          Got two of these cards from family members as gifts - can't wait to use them!

                                          1. re: anonymouse1935

                                            Brunch was great. As we knew in advance, the passed dishes aren't as numerous as in Garrison (which we also miss, of course) but the atmosphere was very nice. And they asked us if we wanted any more as we were finishing our entrees, and they brought us more mushroom ravioli and tuna rolls. Interestingly, when they brought them to us originally, they were just for our table served from a small plate. Later on, they had large platters going around. Probably because we had a 12 noon reservation and the place was not very busy (it subsequently filled up). I had the salmon entree which was cooked medium as requested. The rest of my family had fillet mignon special, which they really enjoyed.

                                            Restaurant Week is 3/15-28 (including Saturdays this year) and X2O is participating again. I checked and they take reservations 2 months in advance.

                                            1. re: MisterBill2

                                              We also went to the brunch, about a month ago. We really enjoyed it. I hadn't been before during the day, and the views were just gorgeous. We probably will skip it for RW, though, because I have not been thrilled the last two times we went during RW. MisterBill, I know you have spoken highly of Valley-- do you know if will they be participating?

                                              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                We had a really nice RW meal at X2O last year. I am not sure about Valley and RW.. they are not on the list (not Tavern either). I emailed a woman who sent me their menus last year asking if they will be participating but have not heard back from her. We actually had dinner at Valley a few weeks ago. It was really good, once again. Too bad they are closed for the season now.

                                                1. re: MisterBill2

                                                  Just went to the brunch at X2O last week and it was wonderful. The champange flowed abundantly and the service was very attentive. Peter Kelley was there greeting everyone. My appetizer consisted of Shrimp and Asparagus Tempura, my entree was Miso Glazed Chinook Salmon and for dessert the Pumpkin Panna Cotta, everything was delicious and the pass arounds (except for the raw lamb chop) were very good. I think it's a very good value and plan to return for my birthday.
                                                  Last year we went to Restaurant X Bully Boy for restaurant week and while we enjoyed it very much, the menu was very limited. Is the website up for RW yet, showing the restaurants that are participating?

                                                  1. re: GIOny


                                                    We went to both X and X2O for HVRW last year and thought that X2O was better, but the experiences are totally different, of course. Also, the fact that they sat us right next to a loud party of unruly children and parents (in a half empty room) didn't help.

                                                    I did not mention the rest of what we had. My wife had the shrimp/asparagus and said it was excellent. The rest of us had the baby spinach salad with raw tuna which was good although it was just 3 small pieces of tuna and it was spicier than expected. I already discussed our entrees earlier. For dessert, I had the strawberry parfait which was good, my wife and son had the warm chocolate cake which was very good. my daughter was able to get the creme brulee (not on the menu for brunch but she asked and they obliged) and if you've had Peter Kelly's CB you will know it is the best around.

                                                    My only regret was I grabbed a seat facing the window for the view, but then I felt sort of out of the loop with what was going on in the dining room.

                                                    1. re: MisterBill2

                                                      Thanks for that website Mister Bill. That is one of my pet peeves is when a restaurant is empty and the host/hostess decides to sit us right next to the only occupied table in the place. I almost always ask them for a different table. Not sure if I've ever had PK's creme brulee, maybe in the past at Garrison or Restaurant X, will have to try it next time.

                                                      1. re: GIOny

                                                        We eventually did end up asking to be moved. At first I thought they sat us there because we had my son with me, but he's 18 so it's not like he is a little kid. And they had other parties in that room (the one in the back, straight ahead when you walk in) who did not have kids, although they were not sitting right next to the loud family.

                                                        My daughter LOVES Peter's CB (my wife and I do as well). As I tell waiters at other restaurants who try to convince me that theirs is excellent, we are CB snobs and will be disappointed if theirs is not REALLY good. I usually end up not ordering it elsewhere.

                                  2. Moral of the night: don't go to X20 at sunset.

                                    It began lovely enough. It was a special occasion, and I had requested a table by the window. We were directed to another, but the hostess was gracious enough to change at my request. The seat was perfect, or so I thought, and the drinks were excellent. The wine pour was the new 8 oz., i.e., 6 oz., but my Sidecar was perfect, albeit there was no sugar on the rim.

                                    Service was impeccable, we were approached multiple times with bread, water, and our order readiness. I demurred, wishing to enjoy the view. Good thing I did enjoy it when I could.

                                    The place was filled to capacity, and I was surprised to see kiddies at such an elegant, expensive restaurant. At least none of the kids had portable DVD players and no cellphones blared.

                                    A query was made on the presence of cream in the dishes, which DH cannot eat. Choices were made on appetizers, and the scallop dish was cream-y. No prob, he scraped off the sauce and declared them very good. My sweetbreads were wonderful, crispy and buttery at the same time. Next time, after the sun goes down, I'll have the short rib ravioli.

                                    For an entrée, I had the hog, which I got for the brussels sprouts, which were roasted very dark, but did not have a trace of burnt and tasted like no brussels sprouts I had ever eaten. DH had the sirloin and enjoyed it very much. Happily, there was no foam in sight on any of the preceding dishes.

                                    Then...it happened. The sun started to set and the stampede was akin to the bus letting out at Atlantic City. Since people apparently had never seen the sun set before, and most assuredly had never been on a terrace to watch the sun set before, they all, and I 'do' mean 'all' (or so it seemed), had to make a mad dash for the terrace, whose door was, natch, right next to our table.

                                    Wave after wave, so mad a dash that the maitre d' had to take down the curtain that was on the door, rod and all, to accommodate the sunset deprived. Interestingly, the sun worshippers had on jeans and shorts and carried cameras (X20 is a tourist destination on the NY red buses?), attire which I didn't think befit such a classy place. I was wrong.

                                    This went on for hours and hours, or so it seemed. Old, young, middle-aged, there was no stopping them. Finally, thankfully, the sun, bless its heart, went down, or they would still be there.

                                    Dessert was curious. Ice cream consisted of two scoops, a normal size dessert in such a restaurant. The outstanding frozen caramel soufflé, though, was actually too much for me, and my life revolves around dessert. If I were the pastry chef, I would decrease the soufflé and increase the size of the donuts, which were magnificent. We also received a portion of delicious sorbet to mark the occasion.

                                    With tax and tip, the bill came to approximately $80. a person, expected for such a meal but not in line with the astonishing disruption in ambiance. X20 should lock the back doors (yes, I know it is a fire violation, but that is how crude the behavior of the people was).

                                    So, if you want an excellent dinner at an excellent restaurant whose clientèle does not match the classiness of the restaurant, X20 is still the number one choice in lower Westchester. One word of caution, though, go very early or very late.

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                                    1. re: anonymouse1935

                                      Wow, I'm surprised that people were in X20 on a Saturday night with jeans and shorts--there are those who may argue that it's none of my business, but that really spoils the ambiance for me in a classy restaurant. Years ago (obviously) I had a similar experience with tourists bombarding the window near where we sat at Windows on the World in the WTC--agree that's very instrusive and annoying! That said, I still love X20, and the short rib ravioli is still one of my favorite all-time appetizers, do try it!

                                      1. re: anonymouse1935

                                        We went to X20 last June for my birthday, and if you look upthread, you will see that my advice was to not be seated next to the door! In our case, it was young children going in and out and in and out. But they uncomplainingly moved us, and we didn't have to deal with the disruption for most of the meal. Yesterday was my anniversary, and this would have been one choice of restaurant to go to, but I am in Cairo and my DH is in NY. I envy your meal! We ate at Del Potro a couple of years ago, and this fancy restaurant shockingly also had people dressed as if they had come in from digging ditches. I wish that there was some sort of dress code for fine dining, but I think that in this economy restauranteurs need every diner they can get and don't like to alienate anyone.

                                        1. re: anonymouse1935

                                          I think you reached the wrong conclusion, as has already been pointed out. The real moral is not to be seated by the terrace door. Most times we have been there, we've had a table next to the windows on the southern side., although one time we did sit next to the terrace door and did not have a problem with it. If you had been seated elsewhere, you would not have had a problem with the people going outside.

                                        2. I may go again soon, but have been reading some reviews that x2o has been going down. Has anyone been here lately? last time I had the short ribs fois gras, cowboy ribeye, creme brulee and butterscotch pudding. are there any other standout dishes I haven't tried.

                                          1. i just wanted to put in my 2 cents after dining at x20 last night for the first time. this was a belated birthday dinner for me and i was very excited to try x20 given it's reputation on these boards and the fact that im just a bit bored with the dining scene in nyc lately. i cycle and regularly pass by x20 on the metronorth back to the city so it seemed like a good idea.

                                            the positives: the service was fine enough. a bit too fake stuffy for my taste but friendly and competent overall. we were seated for our 8pm reservation rather quickly. no real view but we didnt complain and that wasn't our intention either.

                                            the negatives: first, the pace of the meal was a bit too fast. we were out of the restaurant at 9:30pm after appetizers, entrees, and dessert. it wasn't rushed but everything came out a bit too fast. it gave me the impression that the food was pretty much pre-made and everyone ordered the same thing.

                                            the food...what a disappointment on nearly all fronts. the bread service was ok i suppose. the roquefort biscuit was a bit dry but thats probably in comparison to the excellent biscuits i had lately at egg in brooklyn and at peels in the city.

                                            appetizers were sweetbreads for me, spaghetti chittarra for my girlfriend. the sweetbreads were fine enough but rather underseasoned...a familiar theme in the food. all i really tasted was the balsamic vinegar. the spaghetti was better but it tasted more of buttered noodles rather than crab meat.

                                            entrees were a straight miss. the 'porcini crusted saddle of lamb'...medium rare...definitely was served medium well. some pieces looked red enough but were decidedly dry and tough. i shouldve complained but i shut my mouth. the whole plate looked like i was eating at a wedding. no presentation. everything sounded great on the menu and was horribly boring on the plate. i cant recall how any of the lamb was porcini crusted. the lamb tasted as flavorless as a poor piece of venison. even the spaetzle was disappointing...how does that even happen?

                                            my girlfriend's sirloin steak...pretty much the same. tough, bland, underseasoned, mediocre. it really looked like it was a steak at a bad wedding.

                                            i was so disappointed by the meal that i opted out of dessert. we figured we'd go back to the city and squeeze in a custard at shake shack. unfortunately, the waiter brought out a dessert for my birthday. it was a nice gesture and i felt embarrassed that i was asking for the check (politely). the dessert was apparently a signature chocolate something but to me, it was effectively a big glob of caramel and fudge in the shape of a boob...with a raspberry on top. it was sweet and sadly one of the highlights of the meal but it reminded me of dessert on a cruise ship back in 1993.

                                            i dont fault the service. they didnt cook the meal and they did their job but wow...i havent had such a misfire in ages. i really felt like this place was transporting me back in time to a wedding in 1988. such a flavorless mess.

                                            i cant see how anyone can enjoy the food here if my meal was indicative of a typical meal at x20...everyone...please be wary.

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                                            1. re: sam1

                                              Wow, repeated comparison of X20's food to bad wedding food is quite unappealing (although I never was served spaghetti chittarra or porcini crusted lamb at any weddings in 1988)...actually, I don't think I took a cruise in 1993, so can't relate to the dessert comparison either. Although I'm not bored with the restaurant scene in the city (in fact had fabulous wedding food at the River Cafe yesterday), I plan on celebrating my birthday in two weeks at X20--will report back!

                                              1. re: sam1

                                                sorry for your bad meal. I remember when I had the cowboy ribeye for 2 I thought it was overseasoned as oppose to underseasoned. I tasted a little bit of cayene pepper, brown sugar, and cinnamon. I wanted a little less seasoning to taste more of the meat. But their bearnaise sauce was heavenly, haha i was eating everything with it.

                                                1. re: daffyduck

                                                  More to you Sam1 for telling it like it is. Some of the diners defending this place have an enthusiasm that I find suspect. I’ve had some good dinners here but on that basis I cannot step forward and tout the excellence of the place especially since my last dining experience had abominable service, food quality and drinks. In addition, I found some of my dining companions at adjoining tables dressed as if they were going to a picnic. Now if one bad experience with a number of other good ones and having adjacent dining companions dressed like they’re going to a picnic doesn’t bother you, by all means seek out X20 for that special night. I can’t

                                                  1. re: Sonnyno

                                                    So has it now come down to complaining about X2O because people at other tables were not dressed to your liking?

                                                    71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

                                                    1. re: MisterBill2

                                                      Not exactly, Mr. Bill. It hasn’t come down to that. I judge the desirability of a restaurant on quality of the food and drinks, service and ambiance. My comments about X20 revolved around all of those points. Dress is just one small factor in ambience. However amidst fine silverware, china, crystal, decorative surroundings and a smartly dressed wait staff, the picnic outfit, while conveying a whole lot of messages for one, is a contributor to ambiance. Granted we are in an era of dressing down but when a restaurant try’s to put its finest forward in table settings, wait staff dress and decor and many guests exhibit an appropriate degree of formality, dressing as if going to a picnic or coming from the gymnasium is a bit extreme. I think that’s worth a comment. If you minimize that, I accept that your eyes are fixed on beauty a bit differently than mine but I chose to make that comment which was not very dissimilar from other comments above.

                                                      1. re: Sonnyno

                                                        that sucks, i hope that doesn't happen there too often. i remember taking my dad out for christmas there, so that was less than a year ago and all the diners dressed up very appropriately. I dont fine dine too often but X2O is my personal favorite for ambiance, the view over the river is spectacular and I think the decor is beautiful. it's a shame that patrons are not dressing up, especially for dinner.

                                                        71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

                                              2. I'm going in a few weeks for my dad's birthday it's been awhile since i've been and they have a lot of new items on the menu, has anyone been lately?