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May 28, 2009 06:02 PM

What's New and Good in BYOW places?

The wife and I are making our yearly pilgrimage to Montreal this summer, and are looking for what's new and/or good in BYOW.

Some of our favorites

Le Colombe
Zest De Folie

Anything along those lines? Food made with love, care and quality ingredients?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. New: Appolo bistro in Little Italy. Cheaper than Appolo restaurant and temporarily BYOW

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      1. re: eatkat

        For the search engine, it's Apollo.
        Here's hoping the bistro is more consistent than the restaurant!

        1. re: eatkat

          Just tried to make a reservation. Was told the bistro is no longer BYOB and now has its own wine list. My interlocutor said that markup was reasonable -- about $10-15 over SAQ list prices.

          Apollo Restaurant remains a BYOB but is closed until August 5.

        2. (french Bistro style) 1112, boul. de Maisonneuve E

          Anise Restaurant - Bistro, 104 Laurier, Montreal, Quebec (excellent


          I was just at YUKAI on Park avenue below Bernard st for BYOW Sushi last night. My meal was very good! 5658, ave. du Parc

          La Trattoria (ok Italian) 1551, rue Notre-Dame O

          À l'Os (very good but not cheap) 5207, boul. St-Laurent

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          1. re: Alyson777

            «Anise Restaurant - Bistro, 104 Laurier, Montreal, Quebec (excellent)»

            Anise was never a BYO and, anyway, closed several years ago. Its replacement, Bazaar, moved to 365 Laurier West, wasn't a BYO and also closed last year. The windows have finally been papered over and the À Louer sign taken down but, as of Wednesday, there was no other sign of activity or annoucement of plan.

            The restaurant on Park Ave. is spelled Yuukai. While it's probably one of the city's better BYO sushi joints, that's not saying much.

            1. re: carswell

              I really like Yukai ... it's not the most extravagant sushi I have had in Montreal but its always good and fresh.

              As for Anise too bad it closed I thought it was good from what I remember.. I went two years ago at least so it hasn't been that long. It was known as Bazaar Anise after no?. Anyways it doesn't even say anything on their website about them being closed.. I thought it was BYOW but I guess I was wrong.

          2. Thanks to all who have replied so far. Can anyone think of a place with an up and coming chef perhaps?

            1. Like you, Zeste de folie is one of my favorite restaurants (unlike you I have the chance to walk there whenever I feel like it!) and I recently had dinner at another BYOW and liked it very much....Ô Thym on Amherst near Maisonneuve. I also like l'Entrepont on Villeneuve. It is more traditional though than the other 2 but still very good.

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              1. re: cricri7

                Cricri7, is L'Entrepont different the Bistro L'Entrepont on Hotel de Ville near Mont Royal? Where on Villeneuve is L'Entrepont?

                1. re: moh

                  oops.....Thanks Moh for correctiong me....l'Entrepont is on Hotel-de-Ville just south of Villeneuve. Seems I was not fully awake on this Saturday morning!

                  You asked Regular Joe about an upcoming chef...I could add that there is a bistro called Madre on Masson, near Le zeste de folie, that was opened by a chef called Navarette. He has another restaurant on Laurier called Raza and his bistro Madre on Masson is a bit less expensive, though it still is a bit expensive in my opinion. He makes the best ceviche ever! He has won awards with it. I just love his food!

                  1. re: cricri7

                    Neither is a byow though.

                    I'm still going to point out Zitto e mangia as a small, not-expensive BYOW in Petite Italie.

                    The reviews find it uneven but we were lucky with our choices - it is interesting to have the Italian/Salvadorean food combo - the resto is run by the adult children of an Italian + Salvadorean couple. I like the corner spot opposite Parc de la Petite Italie (Clark & St-Zotique) and there is quite a bit of space; the sort of place that would be great for a book launch or similar event (and the owners are amenable to that). I'm very fond of their pupusas, much less greasy than others I've had hereabouts.

                    1. re: lagatta

                      Interesting on the Italian Fusion. we have a great italian/peruvian fusion place here in Boston that we like a lot. The octopus stew is awesome. If anyone is ever n Boston, it is called Tarranta and it is on Hanover St. in the North end (probably the only place in that brutal tourist trap of a neighborhood I would eat in)

                2. re: cricri7

                  I noticed that O Thym has a link to Les Infideles. Are you aware of the connection? I found les Infideles good but not so good I would go out of my way to go back....

                  1. re: aregularjoe

                    We have the same taste in restaurants because I went once to Les infideles and would never go back. I thought it was okay, but much too expensive for what you got. Ô Thym I liked very much. I have trouble when I go to restaurants because I often compare to Le zeste de folie, but it still was excellent.

                    1. re: aregularjoe

                      I think O'thym, A l'Os et Les Infidèles have some sort of ownership link. I've tried the first two, O'thym I find a much better value and for having been a few times I can say it is very consistent. It's a rare place where vegetable side dishes are as interesting as the mains, but O'thym is that way. Also, the cheese cake dessert is out of this world.
                      If in your BYOW search Beurre-Noisette comes up, I wouldn't bother - was there a few months back, was OK but you can find better.