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May 28, 2009 05:53 PM

outdoor eateries

does anyone know of any eateries by the water that have a nice view but allows for casual dining?

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      1. re: shoekittykat

        Not on the water, but outdoors and relaxing for a casual meal in a golf setting try Mulligans at Doral Arrowwood in Rye Brook. . Burgers, wings, salads, large bar all outdoors under a large awning.

        1. re: shoekittykat

          I'll start in Hastings and go north. Hastings has Harvest on Hudson, which is a terrific setting with good, but not spectacular food. I used to go there quite a bit but the food and service took a bit of a dive a year or so ago, although they've since improved. Dobbs Ferry has Half-Moon, with the same owners as Harvest. It has a ton of outdoor seating so it's hard not to get a seat outside if you want one. The food is again, good, but not spectacular. There is a concentration on smaller plates and Tapas like dishes there. Great place for cocktails on a nice evening. Next up going north is Red Hat, in Irvington. The food is also good there, the owner is almost always present and I always end up having a conversation with him, and that extra attention by the owner , IMO, gives it an edge in making the customer feel welcome and well attended to. It also comes out in the food. It has an outdoor deck on the roof, just for drinks, with a bar, and seating outside along the the ground floor area next to the river. Tarrytown has Striped Bass and Sunset Cove, neither of which have much to recommend them except that they are next to the river. Farther up I don't know, since I live in Irvington, I tend to eat around here most often.

          1. re: touchdown

            ive never been to irv. are thre nice spots to eat?

            1. re: shoekittykat

              Yes, Innovo, Red Hat, Mima , Chutney Masala, and Il Sorriso are all good. River City Grille is good too but I usually go there with my kids as it's more family friendly.

      2. There are two places in Tarrytown, right behind the train station, near the ballfields. Haven't been in years, but if you search this site, you should be able to find names and reports.

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        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          IMHO Sunset Cove and the other place on the Tarrytown dock are way way overpriced with awful food.
          For a better experience, the new Red Hat on the river in Irvington is really nice, a great ambience, great service, great food.

          I haven't been, but the Boathouse in Ossining just got a nice write up in the NYTimes. Sounded pretty good. Less upscale than Red Hat.

          1. re: menton1

            Fair enough. For me, the old maxim always holds..."The better the view, the worse the food" never fails

            1. re: menton1

              Have enjoyed two visits to the Boathouse in Ossining - it's on the water, but not all seats have a view... small outdoor area also adjoins parking lot, an unfortunate result of how the lot was laid out, historically. But good food and nice staff. Check it out!

          2. Here's a similar thread on the subject,,,,
            although they are not all water views.

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            1. re: GIOny

              I agree with menton1's recommendation of the RED HAT BISTRO ON THE RIVER, the wonderful waterfront restaurant in Irvington, NY. We celebrated our 30th anniversary there. <> Excellent food and service, and moderately priced. Top it off with stunning panoramic view of Hudson River valley including the skyline of NYC, the Tappan Zee Bridge, It recently relocated into a gorgeously restored landmark building. The interior is is impressive, but it maintains a comfortable bistro feel, not stuffy. We enjoyed drinks on thier rooftop bar, watching the sunset and had dinner out on the patio. In front of the patio there is also a riverfront walking path. We had a perfect evening. (More photos their website)

              Red Hat on the River
              One Bridge Street, Irvington, NY 10533

            2. We recently went back to Half Moon-- I had been when it first opened and was not impressed at all. We liked it much better this time. The food was all very good (the menu does have inexpensive, casual options) and the servers were eager and attentive, if a little inexperienced. And of course, the view..... They have outdoor seating too. You could easily get a burger or sandwich to fit your casual request. I'd make reservations.

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              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                We recently went back to Half Moon and found the food inedible. The seafood boat was rancid, I could not believe they would actually serve customers food that was bad. The rest of our food was not good at all, but it wasn't spoiled.

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  I also recently went to Half Moon, we went late on a Friday night and they had a live band playing, which was fine except for the fact that they sat us right next to the band and all my friend and I wanted to do was talk and catch up on things which was impossible. I had zucchini chips for an appetizer which were really good, light and crispy. For an entree I ordered (I think it was called) Shrimp Tequilla, it was a nice presentation but the shrimp had no taste, it was bland and the shrimp were undercooked. The veggies that came with it were good so if I wanted any flavor I had to eat the veggies with each bite of shrimp. Overall it's a nice setting that has alot of potential but they need to work on their food.

                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                    My (first) experience there on Monday was much better than than the two previous posts describe. Food was nicely cooked, artfully presented and generously portioned. (I cannot speak to the seafood boat or the tequila shrimp, as our party ordered neither of these.) Service was extremely friendly, though somewhat inefficient; we were happy to have a leisurely meal outside, so that wasn't an issue.
                    We especially enjoyed the -- never thought I'd say this -- rosé sangria. But Eric Asimov says rosé's cool now, so why not?!

                    1. re: surman

                      My sister had the rose sangria and I agree-- it was really good!

                  2. X2O in Yonkers has casual dining in the bar. Plenty written about it elsewhere on this board.