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May 28, 2009 05:48 PM

any great snack shops in ossining area?

looking for good cakes and pies

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  1. Bought a donut or something like that once at Ossining Bakery (on Route 9, just north of community center). Rmember it being good, but haven't had a chance to go back and try other items.

    1. Wobble Cafe in Ossining has homemade desserts, icecream sundaes, fun fountain sodas and the like, Not to mention there meals and entrees are great.

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        Re the Wobble Cafe, all the press is true. Finally got there and their breakfast is excellent.

        It's a schlep and very small, and I can't imagine what it must be like on weekends with resident soccer moms and screaming kids, but on a weekday morning it was very nice indeed. The cheese omelettes were delicious, and the coffee was what coffee used to be.

      2. A new bakery just opened in the Montrose area called something D'Oro, it's a deli and a bakery, they had alot of stuff during Easter. It's in the group of stores where Old Fashioned Pizza is. They also have the good Aurthur Ave. bread.

        Old Fashioned Pizza
        24 Albany Post Rd, Montrose, NY 10548

        1. Pastry Corner in mt.Kisco is very good for pies , cakes and pastries. Always fresh!
          ALso for cupcakes, try Tazza in Millwood and for fancier pastries.pies and desserts love L'Anjou Patisserie in Mt.Kisco

          1. Also, for simple good pies, huge selection, try Grandma Pies in Yorktown