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May 28, 2009 05:47 PM

Special occasion restaurant in Santa Fe?

My boyfriend and I are celebrating an anniversary in Santa Fe in June and would like to find a special occasion restaurant for dinner--anything but a steakhouse. I haven't been to Santa Fe in a few years. I remember Geronimo's was decent. Is it still good? Are there other better places? We are partial to healthy food. I vaguely remember a little Japanese noodle place that was wonderful but don't remember the name and don't know if it's still there. Thanks for any help!

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  1. The Compound; it is made for special occasions. it is $$$$ but wonderful.

    For something less expensive, but nice atmosphere and excellent food

    La Boca for tapas,excellent but the tables are a bit close

    There are lots of threads on here:


    Compound Restaurant
    653 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    322 Garfield Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    La Boca
    72 West Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    1. Geronimo's went through a rough patch but chef Eric DeStefano is back and I just ate there last week and it was GREAT. I had the roasted beet appetizer and the scallops for my entree. There were 7 of us for dinner and no one had any complaints. Also recommend the Compound. Both are pricey but worth it. I think the Japanese noodle place you're thinking of is MuDu Noodles. Yes, it's still there and still good.

      1. If you're up for asian Mauka on Agua Fria is wonderful. Interesting, clean, fresh, intimate.