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May 28, 2009 05:20 PM

Owowcow: good new ice cream place in Ottsville

It's on 412 right at the end of 563. They make small batches from scratch using high-quality, often locally-sourced ingredients. They've only been open a couple weeks, and it's cozy and seems busy already. They're open every day till late, and the flavors change. Today they had two different vanilla ice creams: one was Madagascar, and one was Indonesian. They take requests. I hope they do well-- it seems to be a father and daughter there.

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  1. I second this recco. We stopped in on our way home from IKEA in Norristown (1000% better experience than the Elizabeth outpost, btw) and sampled their ice cream. Not as gelato-y as our "go to" in Princeton (The Bent Spoon), but probably the best of breed in our area. We chatted briefly with the daughter part of the father/daughter ownership team and she was very pleasant. We'll be back.

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    1. re: Al Navarro

      I'm surprised there aren't more comments, as good as it is. I was there today and got chocolate-raspberry. Had a taster spoon of the chocolate-jalapeno, just out of curiosity. Both were good.

      1. re: watercress

        Stopped by last night and was thoroughly impressed. They had a few flavors made with excellent local strawberries, all of which were excellent. They had THREE vanilla ice creams in the case (Madagascar, Indonesia, and Tahitian), all of which had a little card with the flavor notes of each bean. Very cool.

        The chocolate-strawberry was outstanding, a little sweet with none of the syrupy fake-strawberry flavor. It was just like great chocolate with chunks of ripe strawberries mixed in that were partially frozen due to their surroundings. Nice.

        I had a coconut-almost-chocolate chip flavor that was also really good, but I like the simpler (vanilla and chocolate) flavors the best.

        They have little cookie sandwiches called Pudgies which are basically like gourmet chipwiches. They had a few pre-made and I think they'll make you a custom one if you ask.

        We'll be making the scenic trek from Doylestown to Owowcow again, as we really enjoyed everything we had. Best of luck to this place!

        1. re: ndelson

          I don't normally keep posting about the same place, but we just went there again and man, it's just so good! Chai and cream, chocolate-raspberry, caramel-cashew, lemon-ginger, the three vanillas..... the place has definitely caught on. It's been jumping the last few times I was there. Go there!

          1. re: watercress

            Watercress, thanks for the recommendation. It was hopping tonight when I stopped in with the family. My 20 month-old insisted on the Tahitian vanilla, while I tried the mint chip. My 4 year-old had the berry blend. Mint chip tends to be my go to, so I wanted to see what real mint chip was like. Great ice cream, subtle mint flavor, but definitely fresh. The chips were the only thing less than stellar, but they can work on it.
            I was amazed at both kids' choices. The Tahitian vanilla was phenomenal. Aside from the fact that Madagascar is the "traditional" vanilla, I don't get why more people don't use the Tahitian orchids. It had the best vanilla flavor I've ever found in an ice cream. I really want to go back to try them all
            The quadra-berry (I forget which 4, but it was deep pink, which is probably why my daughter got it) was really rich with berry flavors. I only nipped a small amount when she wasn't looking, but it was really good. It would be a perfect accompaniment to a warm brownie.
            Ottsville is off the beaten path, but it there was a good line and most, if not all, of the picnic tables outside were taken. I hope they can stay around, 'cause I'd like to visit a lot more.

            1. re: JohnnyKBar

              Rats. I missed the basil-orange one. Now they're on twitter, though, so I can follow what new flavors come when. Not that I'm obsessed, or anything.

    2. I went out there tonight and I'm about to Net Nanny Chowhound on my computer. :) I got a small cone of Tahitian vanilla and it ruined me for all other vanilla ice cream for the rest of my life. My two friends both got the I Hate Chocolate and we sampled the caramel cashew. It had huge whole cashews in it so maybe the tiny spoon didn't do it justice. Too much caramel taste for me but it had a lovely creamy texture. I'm going back but it will be hard to get past the incredible vanillas. I sampled the Indonesian vanilla and it was nirvana two. I can't imagine getting a topping for the vanilla, it was so perfect! Thanks for posting about this place watercress. I think. :)

      1. They are closed on mondays and they only accept credit cards and checks. Can't wait to go back!

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        1. re: givemecarbs

          Only credit cards & checks? Is it like those MasterCard commercials with everyone dancing until the guy with cash slows everything down?
          I think your typing didn't catch up with your thoughts, but it gave me a nice chuckle. Thanks. I'll be sure to bring cash when I go, though finding an ATM might be a hike in that neighborhood. I don't think the bait shop next door has one, either.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            Busted. No credit cards he he. Only cash and checks. And if they make bait flavored ice cream I'm passing!

            1. re: givemecarbs

              Speaking of Bait-flavored ice cream, a friend sent me this link: The Top 10 Grossest Ice Creams ( I think Fish flavor is included.

              1. re: JohnnyKBar

                You're right about the fish flavor, but the absolute worst has to be the Raw Horse Flesh!

                1. re: bucksguy14

                  On a better-tasting note, owowcow has a couple different peach ice creams now.
                  I really ought to stop thinking about that place (and going there) so much, but it's tough.