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May 28, 2009 05:14 PM

Zurich Eats

Just returned from a week in Zurich and wanted to share some recs. The first is the more interesting and authentic Swiss. It is in a very un-touristy, cool neighborhood that a local took us to. The schnitzel was amazing. Best ever. The second rec is in the old city next to a theater. It is a little more upscale but the prices (at both places) are reasonable by Zurich standards and we had a delicious lunch there.

Restaurant Tessinerkeller
Neufrankengasse 18
044 241 22 28

Wirtschaft Neumarkt
Neumarkt 15
044 252 79 39

We also had delicious hot chocolate upstairs at Sprungli on Banhoffstrasse and bought yummy chocolates there to take home. Cheers!

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