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May 28, 2009 05:04 PM

Harvest or Bloomfield Carriage restaurant?

We have one night to spend in Prince Edward County on our first visit and am debating between dinner at either Harvest or Bloomfield Carriage restaurant. We like seafood. Which one is better?

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  1. Harvest, hands down. Michael Potters is one of the best chefs cooking in Canada today in my opinion. The menu is always based on local availability -- it's all seasonal so you might not end up with seafood per se. But you can certainly call ahead and see what they have.

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      Although I haven't been to Bloomfield Carriage, I would absolutely recommend Harvest. I've been a number of times and have never been disappointed. The menu doesn't tend to be seafood-heavy but I have had scallops there. As Arcadiaseeker suggests, call ahead. My brother-in-law is a vegetarian and they are always happy to accommodate his wishes. My last meal there, about a month ago, was outstanding.

    2. I'll be the lone dissenter. I'd pick Carriage House over every other restaurant in PEC. Incredible food, wine, and none of the service issues that Harvest suffers from. Most PEC restos focus on local ingredients so really there's no edge there either.

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        Googs, I love the service at HArvest -- have been lots and never had a bad experience. They are super friendly and knowledgeable, at least that's been my experience there.

      2. I've been to both once (last summer) and, while I enjoyed both, Harvest was the clear winner (you've gotta like butter though - it was rich...).

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          I had the worst tasting-menu-with-wine-pairings service experience ever at Harvest. Nothing I've read since has said they rectified their service issues. Are you going a la carte, Arcadiaseeker?

          Butter is cheating.

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            I've done both a wine pairing dinner (for Taste of the County) and a la carte dinner on a few occasions -- also done a handful of brunches. The wine pairings were great when we had them -- that was about 2 years back though. I've always found staff really know their stuff.

        2. Harvest can be problematic- I've had one terrific meal there, several so-so dinners and one terrible tasting/wine pairing. The service is inconsistent. Have never been disappointed at Carriage House, the Merrill Inn is also lovely.

          1. Harvest needs a good manager, and even more so a wine waiter, someone who knows wine...go to Bloomfield Carriage.

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              That's the real tipping point for me. I hope Carriage House still has that fantastic server whom also possesses in-depth wine knowledge.