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May 28, 2009 04:50 PM

manresa iron chef dinner?

did anyone go last month? They're doing in again in June and I'd love to hear opinions.

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  1. An acquaintance went and emailed the following..

    Everything was excellent. Each dish had at least one distinctive cabbage component - usually subtly flavored in a way that made it much more interesting than "just cabbage" - plus David's usual inventive combination of protein and other flavors. Choosing wine to bring seemed impossible, so I had the pairing, which was mostly quite good, and in one case inspired: the Cabbage Patch (the only dish that was mostly cabbage) with 00 Marcel Deiss Gewurtz St-Hippolyte - very unctuous and a little sweet, which was a perfect counterpoint to the cabbage.

    There's been enough interest that they added two more dates. Unless you really hate cabbage, or feel that a meal without foie gras just isn't worth eating, I don't think you'd be disappointed.

    1. Hubby & I went last Sunday (24th) for our anniv. We were really impressed similar to previous experiences here and I agree it was more than "just cabbage". I don't have time to do a full review, but would wholeheartedly recommend it. And I recommend watching the episode right b4 the meal so you don't have to worry about paying attention while it's described, you can just absorb the scent & sight of it (and set up your camera shot) before digging in.

      Haven't had time to make captions, but my photos are here:

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        thanks - I don't have cable and couldn't get a friend to record it for me, nor could I find it on youtube. Is there some other source to see the episode?

        1. re: estnet

          If you have an iPod, email me, I can help. Even if you don't, email me anyway for advice off the Board. My email is in my profile.