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May 28, 2009 04:47 PM

My Pre-NOWFE Eating Report (Day 3)

Day 3 Brunch - PATOIS
I am thankful to Chowhound for my going to this gem. Someone on Chowhound responded to my inquiry in December and recommended Patois. I am extremely grateful.
I started with the Gabure, a French white bean soup with cabbage, pork belly and an arugula pistou. This was one good soup. I don't often do this but I am having my husband contact Aaron and request the recipe (I don't cook). I can't wait to have this in fall/winter.
Next I had the gnocchi. I am fussy about my gnocchi. It is either very good or horrid. This is definitely the former. It was served with guanciale and parmesan in sage brown butter. I wish I would have had bread so I could sop it all up but since it was brunch we were served blueberry muffins. I am not complaining - the muffins were delicious!! I just had to resort to surreptitiously using my finger to get all the sauce out of the bowl. In hindsight, I guess it would have been better just to ask for bread.
My husband (and I) had the Pulled Pork and bisquits with poached eggs under a smoked tomato hollandaise. It was served with some FANTASTIC bacon braised greens. In our effort to support the pig farmers, we also had an order of bacon on the side (great bacon)
We ended with strawberry filled beignets.
I am not a "brunch" person so this was really a treat for me. I am putting Patois on my short list. I highly recommend it!
Oh- I had a couple of "Laurel and Hardy's" also. GREAT drink & I love the play on the name.

Day 3 Dinner - UPPERLINE
It is with heavy heart that I am taking them off my short list. Actually, they are off my list altogether for awhile. This has been my go to place for years. It was one of the 1st places I ate at when I first came to NOLA 8 years ago and I have gone there pretty consistently everytime we visit (about 4 times a year)
The service was great but starting with the stale bread I had a feeling something had changed (not for the better). I don't want to get snarky so I will keep it brief. Stale bread, over salty turtle soup, dry, dry duck (used to be my favorite) smaller portions and sadly plated entrees. On a positive note, the fish with hot & hot shrimp was good (In the picture below the portion looks large only beecause it was served on a salad sized plate) and the greens were good.
I don't know if Ken is no longer there or they have a new kitchen manager but something has gone awry. I really hope they fix it. When they do I 'll go back but right now, I would not recommend them.

Tomorrow is Herbsaint and Luke.

6078 Laurel St., New Orleans, LA 70118

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  1. more pics...see for yourself what I wrote about the duck
    Also, I did forget to mention my husband said the fried green tomatos with shrimp remoulade were still good

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      1. re: mrsfury

        Sadly, it was. I used to love it with the peach sauce!

    1. A lot of people of late are saying that Upperline isn't what it used to be.

      1. This makes me want to try Patois so bad. Too bad I have been spending WAY too much money lately.

        Filled beignets are my new favorite dessert. The chocolate filled at coquette are heaven.

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        1. re: lawstudent

          Coquette is on my list when I come next time. I heard wonderful things about it when I was there las week.