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May 28, 2009 04:17 PM

2 new Restaurants Vancouver - Lucky Noodle & Kanpachi - Broadway/Cambie

I've been to Lucky Noodle twice for lunch now. It's in the old Singapore restaurant in the 500 block of W. Broadway. They had 20% off for the month of May for the opening special. I overheard co-workers telling someone to go because it was excellent. The lunch menu is all different types of Asian noodles. The first time I went I had Singapore Cashew Curry which had ribbon rice noodles, wok fried with toasted cashews, coconut milk, peppers, Asian greens, lime, herbs - including cilantro & curry spices. You can get them all with chicken, pork, beef, tofu, prawns or deep fried fish (prawns & fish cost slightly more). I had the fish. Delicious & spicy.

Today I had Thai Style chow mein. It had thin egg noodles, wok fried with sprouts, crushed peanuts, peppers, lime, green onions in a light soy & ginger sauce. I had both pork & fish for an extra $1. My friend had Malaysian Green Curry which he said was excellent & it certainly looked good. At dinner they offer meat, egg & vegetable dishes as well - they deliver too. Prices are all under $10 for the noodle dishes. They have some soups & appys too.

Kanpachi looked like it was going to be expensive. It's where the Russian place used to be, right beside the Mongolie Grill in the 400 block of W. Broadway. It's very nice inside & lunch was cheaper than Sushi Bang! I had a standard lunch box which included Tempura (2 shrimp & veggie), Salmon teryaki, rice, california roll, salad, miso soup, for $6.75! Very reasonable & pretty good. I'd rather sit & have lunch here over Sushi Bang since I'm comparing any day! Quality was better too.

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  1. Thanks Christine for your thoughts on Kanpachi - I'd noticed the prominent signage recently as well and was curious to see what it was about. When you say you thought it would be expensive, was that assessment made based on the appearance of the inside (eg. looked like they spent a lot of money on design) before you had a chance to see the menu/eat your lunch?

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    1. re: jay_kay

      jay_kay: Yes, you got it right on...I had walked by, saw the inside & thought it was going to be high end. It's not super fancy, just a touch of elegance to it. I even was excited that it might be "different" from all the other sushi places along Broadway by Cambie. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it wasn't...but I think they had some interesting rolls on the menu that I will try next time, I just can't remember what they were right now! I do wonder if they'll be able to keep their prices so one ever offers salmon in the lunch box! They had real crab in the california roll too. I just think if they get busy, prices probably won't last like they are now...

    2. Good to know about Kanpachi and Lucky Noodle.
      I also have been wondering about KAnpachi as the signage was fairly prominent.

      Happy that Lucky noodle delivers WOOHOO!

      1. Here is an interesting tidbit on Kanpachi from another forum. (Attributed to 'Kentan' of eGullet):

        "In more positive Japanese restaurant news, I just saw today that a Japanese restaurant called Kanpachi will be opening next to the Mongolie Grill at W Bway and Cambie.

        I'm crossing my fingers that this is the same Kanpachi group of sushi spots which started in Ginza in the mid-1950s. They have about 20 restaurants, all in and around Tokyo, except for one location in California. Their sushi is first-rate and their tamago-yaki is legendary. Here are some of their current sushi offerings. I hope this means that some of the Japanese restaurant and izakaya chains are now looking abroad to expand...

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        1. re: fmed

          I hope that Kanpachi is indeed part of that lineage. That standard lunch box seems so BORING though... A shot of the menu would be great ;)

          1. re: flowbee

            Well, I don't have my camera, but I just ran out for coffee, so I can tell you what's on the menu. It is quite small. The categories are:

            Appy's: (I liked the BBQ Prawn & Bacon).
            Teryaki & Agemono
            Special Rolls: Not too many but the Kanpachi roll is seared tuna, green onion & house sauce. The Caterpillar roll is eel, smoked salmon & lemon. There's about 10 & they're all $7.95
            Vegetarian Rolls
            Maki (rolls)
            Udon & Donburi
            Soup & Rice
            The Dinner Boat for 2 which is $29.95 and includes Miso soup, sashimi (5 pieces), Nigiri (8 pieces), Roll (2 rolls) 2 pieces deep fried tofu, 4 pieces chicken karaage, 2 pieces of gyoza, prawn & veg tempura. 2 ice creams/fruit.

            That ends the menu. There a page of lunch combos (like what I tried), but there is nothing out of the ordinary on it. It really is no different than any Japanese in the area...

            1. re: ck1234

              >> Well, I don't have my camera...

              What!?! How could let that happen?!


              >>It really is no different than any Japanese in the area

              I'm starting to suspect that they aren't related to the famous chain. I'd love a confirmation one way or the other though.

              1. re: fmed

                Did some checking for you fmed. The link provided in that eGullet posting by Kenta does indeed take you to a website for a sushi-ya called Kanpachi. They list six branches and none outside of Japan. However, they say that many who have apprenticed/trained at their six locations have gone on to open their own sushi-ya; they list 20 such places, including the one in CA that is headed by a Mr. Ken Kido. But no mention of this Vancouver one being connected, and judging by the scant and dumbed-down menu that ck1234 noted above, I do not believe it would be.

                1. re: shoku_tsu

                  Thanks for that shoku_tsu. I had high hopes after I read that post.

                2. re: fmed

                  Yes, a camera would have been easier! You should have seen the funny looks I got from people as I stood there scribbling down the menu! The things I do for chowhounders!

                  Note: There is no tamago-yaki on the menu, and there are only 6 special rolls. One called Rock n Roll has cream cheese in it...

                  1. re: ck1234

                    >>One called Rock n Roll has cream cheese in it...

                    Well that settles it for me then. It couldn't possibly be related to the Kanpachi chain.

            2. re: fmed

              1425 W Artesia Blvd # 27
              Gardena, CA 90248
              (310) 515-1391

            3. Lucky Noodle is gone! I didn't even see it go. We went today and it's now called "#1 Congee Noodle House". We went in and had XO Wonton Noodle soup that was pretty good. Big huge bowl was $5.95 with 10% off. Wontons were delicious. We were going to try dim sum but they didn't have 1/2 of the items on their limited dim sum menu.

              Wonton Noodle Restaurant
              4008 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z2X8, CA

              Congee Noodle House
              141 Broadway E, Vancouver, BC V5T1W1, CA

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              1. re: ck1234

                Yeah, this change happened a few weeks ago I think (if not more than a few weeks). I had a feeling that a noodle place immediately beside Sha Lin and down the street from Peaceful would have to be damn good to survive. I wonder what happened?

                1. re: peter.v

                  I'm surprised another Artigiano didn't take its place :-)

              2. Kanpachi is closed too now. Another sushi place is taking it's place called Ji Sushi. They have no menu yet posted but they do have a neon sign saying they deliver. I believe their opening date said Nov. 1st. They are doing renos.

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                1. re: ck1234

                  That was quick.

                  I walked by there many times during the Olympics (I was volunteering). So during the summer months LR, Mrs. LR and LR Jr. ate there about 1/2 dozen times. This is DEFINITELY standard sushi joint menu. But we liked the interior, ambiance, friendly and prompt service, low prices/good value and it was air-conditioned (nod to Grayelf).

                  Wonder if this new Ji Sushi is a mere name change along with new management. Kanpachi's interior is new so I wouldn't imagine someone else bothering with an expensive wholesale interior makeover.

                  So ..... what's shaking down at Japas on the west side of Cambie ?

                  1. re: LotusRapper

                    I think the interior is indeed being re-done. I saw it all tore up when I put my face up to the window! I was surprised too, as it was quite nice in there.

                    I haven't been back to Japas since they had 3 items on their lunch menu and I TOFTT! :-). I do see they put out groupon type coupons twice now.