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May 28, 2009 03:21 PM

Pork and Pork

I love pork. If I could develop the kind of focus I attain seeking pork doing something productive I’d be a rich man.

Boston not exactly the porkiest of regions but I had two recent finds I want to share.


The roast pork sandwich at J. Pace (Tuesday and Thursday only). Beautifully moist roast pork piled on that awesome Pace Italian roll. I did provolone, pickles, peppers. AWESOME. I am from the Philadelphia area, have been here for 27 years, this is the first sandwich I have had that makes me stop missing cheesesteaks. Different sandwich of course, but an accomplishment similar in scope.

I need to see if I can engage them on how the pork is prepared, reminds me flavor-wise of my Puerto Rican stepmother’s roast pork: salt, pepper, garlic oregano.

Be warned: there has got to be a pound of pork in this behemoth. And it being Pace you are eating it at lunch during the week. 45 minutes after consuming it my brain wanted to shut down completely. I suppose a more rational or disciplined being could save half for later, I don’t know how well it would hold up. And I am not that being anyway.


Costeleta a Mineira at Don Ricardo’s in the South end. Marinated broiled pork chops. Tender, flavorful, had to pick the bones it was so good. $12. Will return to try to learn more about how they're prepared. I suspect Don Ricardo’s is a find. What little I found searching this board was positive, will continue to do my part researching further. Mmmmmmmm.

Any recent pork finds you’d like to share?

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  1. If you like the pork at J Pace, you'll love the roast pork sandwich at Artu on Charles or the NE (my preference)...also the roast lamb.

    Pace alternates pork and lamb through the week but Artu offers both I think Pace added it recently..last 5-6 years; after Artu had such success with it..but I could be wrong..and just never noticed it on Pace's menu til 5-6 years ago..:) I do need to retry the Pace version but my memory is that Artu was better.

    I'm a huge fan of Pace's proscuitto/provolone, pickles, peppers, tomato.

    Chinatown is your friend..How about the roast meat places like Hong Kong Eatery or the place on Beach, Vhin Sun? and I had a great double cooked pork belly at New Shanghai.

    High end, Bina does a pork confit that's great..though you probably want to order a pasta like the carbonara first.

    Montien does a great pork dish on the Thai menu..sliced pork with basil and peppercorns...moo pad prik thai on??

    1. a few current faves:
      braised pork shin in brown sauce (Mulan)
      twice cooked pork w/ leek (New Shanghai)
      braised pig tails (Craigie)
      spicy steamed pork ribs w/ rice flour (Chung Xin Yuan, weekend lunch only)
      mini steamed buns w/ pork and crab (Jo Jo Taipei)
      crispy roast pig center cut (Hong Kong Eatery)
      baby pig special (Scampo, Fridays only)
      iberico bellota ham (Formaggio)

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      1. nice, I love pork too.

        The roast pork in the ramen soup at Ken's is pretty much perfect I think.
        Pad grapow moo krob at S&I Thai, lovely crispy pork fat and meat.
        Pig's ears at Taiwan Cafe or Wisteria House (I like the latter more), yumm. Fried pork chop at either place is good too.
        If cassoulet is on at Eastern Standard it's lovely with pork belly and sometimes, if you're lucky, an ear as well.
        Wonton noodle soup at Vinh Sun, with their roast pork.
        Jamon at Toro (or any place that has imported good quality Jamon) , pure porky goodness.
        Various coldcuts at Bazaar or any Russian deli, cases full of pork sausages and meats.
        Neiman Ranch bacon and ham, available at Trader Joe's.
        And one of my favorites, Jamon Royale from Neiman also, available at Whole Foods.

        1. The three 9 hour baked, karl's triple smoked bacon larded, home made jerk rub roast pork shoulders I cooked two weeks ago ;-).

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            ha, if you wanna go there we have to take it to another place I three week wet cured pork shoulder French style (a-la Jane Grigson) with brown sugar, mustard seed, celery, garlic, thyme, allspice.....I served it up to a bunch of local people so maybe still qualifies. Simply great.

          2. The dong po pork belly dish at Fuloon - melt-in-your-mouth sinful & scrumptious!

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              FuLoon's dried bean curd leaf with caramelized pork belly and just enough Chinese black vinegar is also immortal.

              1. re: Karl S

                If it has pork in its name at Fuloon, it's worth ordering. Must do another Chowdown there soon...

                1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                  My oldest brother is visiting me at the end of July. He is a fireater like my sister from Tucson, who last October ate half of the entire bowl of Wok-Steamed Beef (dubbed the Giant Bowl of Death by Devra First of the Globe) like it was candy (it was one of the rare dishes she said was hot enough, though it was not too hot for her) - we mixed the other half with rice, froze it in a tube, and she ate the other half the day she returned to Tucson. My brother was envious.

                  So he's jonesing for Fuloon. I am almost thinking of inviting Hounds for a Chowdown with us.

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                    on the pork note shangri la does a pork belly on a bun thing for dim sum that is pretty mind blowing.