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May 28, 2009 03:07 PM

Cheap Eats/Great Deals in Reno

I'll be staying in Reno for about a week and a half in early June and I was wondering if the Reno Chowhounds have any recs for some super cheap eats or great deals in Reno. Since most of my money is going into accomodations, I'm hoping to spend as little as possible on food - probably a lot of grocery store eating. But if there is a possibility of some actual cheap cuisine, that would be much much better.

Thanks for the advice!!

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  1. Do you know what hotel you'll be in? What is your daily budget? What kind of food do you like?

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      I will have a car, so location isn't really an issue (but I will be at the Grand Sierra). And I am open to pretty much any cuisine, especially any local specialties. Budget is as low as possible.


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        Peruvian (not sure if it is still open
        More ideas
        >The salads at Pinocchio's are huge

        Steve Timko + Reno will provide more search results for your querry as well. Good luck.

    2. i like the nugget, for the "awful" burger. very tasty, and enough for 2 meals. comes with a huge basket of fries. around $6 or $7 i think. maybe you could get a kid's burger for cheaper. dining room is smoky though. it is at 233 north virginia street in downtown reno. here is a link to a review from a site affiliated with the travel channel: have a good trip. i live in the bay area, and as much as i'd like one, it's just too long of a drive!

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        Yes, the awful awful! How could I forget - I've never had it myself though, but it is kind of famous (I think).