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May 28, 2009 02:57 PM

Unflavored chewing gum?

Okay, this might be weird, but:

I chew a fair amount of gum, but I'm not really happy with the idea of putting lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners in my mouth every day. And besides, the flavor is always gone in a few minutes, anyway. So, does anyone know where to get plain, unflavored chewing gum?

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  1. it's unlikely you'll be able to find completely unflavored gum unless you can find a source for pure chicle...but if you're not opposed to xylitol, which is a "natural" sweetener (technically it's a sugar alcohol, but it's derived from plants), there are some options. Spry is probably the most readily available brand in stores, but you can also buy Epic, Xponent and Zapp on the web. just do a Google search.

        1. In case anyone's interested, I ended up buying a pound of unflavored natural chicle pellets from Glee Gum:

          It's exactly what I was looking for; not cheap, though. I haven't been able to find any other sources for unflavored chicle.

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            Well if you have a LOT of room indoors, a LOT of patience, and are really desperate, you could always buy a few sapodillas (they're actually the fruit of the Chicle tree, look a little like potatoes) plant the pits in a VERY big pot indoors (hoping that you got fruits that weren't irradiated and whose seeds are therefore viable) wait 5-10 years and then bleed the tree yourself.

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              Thanks for posting this thread. I was also looking for unflavored chewing gum.

            2. Last month I stumbled upon some Mastihas, a tree resin that is a "natural gum", is used for its special pine-like scent in cooking, as well as its curative effects on peptic ulcer. I had gotten some to try since just a few days before my mother had asked what to do about her cotton-mouth problem. It was something that had no additives, no sugar, no sweetner...and also, no artificial flavors. Scroll down on this page:

              The small packages seems expensive, but if you like it, the big 250 gram box becomes more reasonable as it will get you probably a whole year's supply of gum for about $140.