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May 28, 2009 02:37 PM

Is my cornbeef safe to eat?

Ok guys heres the scoop. Back in March or so I stocked up on cornbeef that was on sale. I used most of them up fairly quickly but had one hanging around in the fridge with a exp. date of June 02/09. It being rainy and cold I thought it would be a plan to cook it up. Well when I opened it there was a "off" odor. I rinsed the little guy off and it seemed to smell cornbeefy again. It is simmering in a pot at the moment but should I eat it? Really don't want to harm the hubby so what do you think? tia

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  1. There's almost always an "off" odor when you open up a sealed package of meat like that. I've had cryovac pork that REALLY smelled like dead pig, and last night's rack of lamb reeked enough like road kill to get the dog seriously interested. With the exception of a very few meat packers that would fail all those inspections they haven't had, most bigtime meat-packing operations are run with rigorous attention to cleanliness and proper temperatures. Corned beef is inherently one of the safest preserved meats to eat, nutrition issues aside, and I'd trust any beef from any packer, as long as the package's seal had not been breached. And it's shy of the always-pessimistic pull date, and it's been refrigerated. Bon appetit.

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      I agree with Will. corned beef was originally designed to be preserved/embalmed/cured with out the benefit of refrigeration.

      Now whether to cook in oven or stove?

      1. re: phantomdoc

        Planning to boil it and then glaze and bake.

        Thanks to you both for the reply..Now I can enjoy it.