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May 28, 2009 02:24 PM

Fever Tree Lemonade/Ginger Beer, anyone know an US mail order source?

I been finding the ginger ale, tonic water, club soda, and bitter lemon in many stores for a while now, but the lemonade and ginger beer reamin elusive, I've pretty much givne up on finding a local store that carrys them and am willing to go the online ordering route, but all of the sales sites I'm finding seem to be in the UK (not entierely supising for a British product) who don't do out of the country sales. There's gotta be some US online beverage warehouse offering the stuff, but I cant seem to find it. Anyone know of one?

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  1. I love their product, and if I'm lucky, I can find it in Wegman's. But they are usually out of the tonic water, which is the one I want to buy. I always see the club soda there, and sometimes ginger beer.

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      Ginger beer or Ginger ale? They make both, but the ginger ale is a lot easier to find. I'm not questioning your info I'm just double checking.

      Speaking of gingery things, Since you do visit Wegman's maybe you can clear up another beverage question that has weiged on my mind for a while. There is a brand of bottled ice tea called T42 which I was very fond of, particualrly the Jamaican Ginger (though the Earl Grey was pretty great too). For a couple of years now, however the brand has dissapered down near me (I live in Westchester) and as far as I can tell, no online beverege seller carries it. However I heard rumors that Wegmans was still carrying it and had in fact struck a deal with the company for special 4 pack packaging. If you happen to be familar with the brand I would be a great help to me if you happen to know whethere they still have it (I have some friends in the Finger lakes region who I know I can ask to get the occasional case and send it to me, but I dont want to ask them to go around hunting for something that isn't there anymore! If you have NOT seen the brand recently that would also be useful informantion as it makes it likey that the brand is no longer made anymore so I can stop running myslef ragged looking. thanks in advance

    2. Oh man, I crave Fever Tree Ginger Beer! Had it at the St. Regis in San Francisco, but can't find it anywhere in Philly. [sad]

      1. for what it's worth, i'm addicted to the stuff as well. only one place in toronto carries it. i've just emailed the manufacturere to find the distributor...

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          I'm from Toronto as well, and tried the ginger beer at a restaurant in Stratford. Where can you get Fever Tree products in Toronto?


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            According to their website, this is the Canadian distributor:


            Bottlegreen Drinks
            +1905 2736 137

            Give 'em a call and find out.

        2. Galco's Soda Pop Stop, Highland Park, CA (near South Pasadena/LA):

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            Intersting site, will have to take some time to go through it. One of the big suprises I saw was that they had the Journey's soda line (well, some of it) I used to LOVE some of the Journey's sodas, but as I had not seen them anywhere for almost a decade I assumed the company had gone under.

          2. Have you tried KegWorks in NY?