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May 28, 2009 02:05 PM

Taco Guy in Orange County?

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have an recommendations for a taco guy in Orange County (party will be in Fountain Valley). Looking for someone to come out to the house to cook tacos for 30-40 people for a birthday party. Looking for typical stuff like carne asada, carnitas, tortillas, and salsas. If they offer rice/beans/etc for a decent price that would be an option as well.

Thanks in advance!!


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  1. Alvaros Tacos 714/716=7642 referred by Freddy Lizama, They did a birthday party for us in Santa Ana they also served rice & beans. They also had two aguas frescas Limon and Pina plus condiments including onion/cilantro, lime wedges, salsas.

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      Awesome, thanks! Trying to get a restaurant now that may work out but I'll call Alvaro's if it doesn't. Thanks!

    2. Super Mex in FV does tacos (catering) You could always try them.

      1. Juan's Tacos in Whittier goes anywhere. Very nice, friendly, reasonable & delish. Good spread. Minimum order for 50.


        1. The original comment has been removed