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May 28, 2009 12:56 PM

Hyannis Lunch

I'm going to be trekking 80 miles to Hyannis to get my Pain Davignon bagels either this weekend or next. I know they also serve sandwiches/salads but can anyone recommend somewhere else for a light lunch?

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  1. Wait....are the bagels really that good there?? I need to know! I miss the bagels at the old, original Bagelport in the Staples/Job Lot strip mall. They were crunchy on the outside and perfectly soft and doughy inside. Cooke's in Hyannis (Rt 132) is a great spot for lunch. You'll drive right past it. Just good, old-fashioned fried clams, fish & chips, seafood.

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    1. re: ciclista

      I think they're that good!! I used to be able to get them in RI at Whole Foods but they don't carry them anymore. The whole wheat sesame are the best!!

      1. re: eenie1

        GOOD TO KNOW..I have been happy lately with Bagels and Beyond. Am off bread for 90 days but will remember this when I am on Cape in Sept.

        1. re: phelana

          Lunch: Misaki on West Main Street. Not Your Average Joe's in the Cape Cod Mall.

          1. re: Afar

            Afar...NYAJ's...really? I mean, it's not terrible but.....

            Fazio's or Alberto's on Main Street for sit down service. Cooke's on Rte 132 for fried seafood. Common Ground on Main Street for funky vibe and fresh sandwiches.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              I love Common Ground. Afar, I am such a snob, I would not be able to recommend Not Your Average Joe's either..Cape Cod has many locallly owned cool places too good to pass up....

            2. re: Afar

              Burrito Bistro -- across from the mall / NYAJ, near Kmart. Good enough to survive and prosper, 2 doors away from a Panera bread.

              1. re: dancer

                AP & CCG: no contest here, it's Common Ground, with Misaki kinda out of the area, The Ground is it. Given the desire for a "light lunch" I'd go with your pick all the way.

                1. re: Afar

                  Thank you everyone! Looks like it will be Common Ground for lunch when I head that way. Will let you know what I think =)!

                  1. re: eenie1

                    We love the gumbo at Harry's, it is unique and very special. Also enjoy their pulled pork sandwich and together they make a very inexpensive lunch. I also love the Brazilian Grill's buffet, both the Soup and Salad bar, which includes appetizers and all sorts of wonderful and wonderfully fresh offerings and I think costs $8 weekdays. For $2 more you also have your choice of seafood, pasta and other intersting and delicious hot dishes. You can plan on not wanting to eat dinner that evening.