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May 28, 2009 12:54 PM

Tavern on France in the bubble MPLS

I'm headed the the Tavern on Friday to enjoy a fine cigar and scotch, of course. Any recommendations on the food? Thanks

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  1. It's only been open in this incarnation for a few weeks. (It used to be Via.) Same owners, different name, slighly tweaked concept.

    The new menu is big on build-it-yourself. There are pads on the table you fill out describing how you want your burger, salad, or pizza customized. I played it safe and had a "customized" salad, which was basically like having a personal shopper go to an upscale salad bar for me. That was perfectly fine. I think they're trying to attract the suburbanite-yuppies-after-work-Bennigan's crowd. The aspirations aren't much higher than that.

    I was also there for their first Sunday brunch. The hot stuff was so-so, but the hot pastries and cinnamon rolls were decadent.

    1. I went to the website ( ) to see what was offered and it does not render in Firefox. I used IE and personally I think Firefox was just trying to keep me away from that website - man do I hate musical web pages!

      The concept looks intriguing and to me it seems they are going after suburban hipster cash. Is that oxymoronic or an irony deeply buried? I know who they are NOT going after and that's older folks who'd rather not have to make so many choices just to order a salad.

      Being a bit of a control freak this concept intrigues me.

      Tavern on France
      6740 France Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

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        I think it's safe to say the concept is not "chef-driven."

        1. re: Jordan

          Fine. I'll only drink and smoke, what's a tavern for anyways.

          1. re: reservationsplease

            I've decided to go to Sandy's tavern in Richfield. burgers fro $2 and tap beer for $2
            pool for only $1.00.

            1. re: reservationsplease

              Sandy's is a better bet. Wife and I built our own burgers for lunch today at the Tavern. They have some fun ingredient choices, but the patty's themselves were a major let down.

              I ordered mine rare. It was served medium well. The meat had no flavor and no sear. The toppings were abundant, and I chose them well, so that was good, but the bun could not hold up to the weight. My wife's veggie burger was mushy.

              The waffle fries were egregiously over-seasoned, though serving ketchup and ranch standard is a nice touch.

              On the plus side, the burgers were gigantic, and the Tavern has a lovely patio. That will probably be a recipe for continued success.

              1. re: kevin47

                I was at the Tavern last night. Enjoyed a Monticristo #2 and a few Johnny's on the rocks. Haven't had the burger yet, but did consume the crab artichoke cheese think. It was great. If only I had remembered to take a Zantac that night I wouldn't of had it for breakfast as well. Ran into someone from high school, who I hadn't seen for 30 years. It was a fun time.