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May 28, 2009 12:40 PM

Seattle: super casual brunch place for 8


I know brunch is a big deal on the West Coast. There will be 8 individuals looking for some grub on a Sunday. We will be walking from the Moore Hotel (Belltown) to Safeco Field.

Any suggestion for an easy brunch place along the way where we won't have to wait for a hour?


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  1. They're a bit on the pricier side, but Lola and the Dahlia Lounge (both Tom Douglas restaurants) have good brunchs. I'd also reccomend Le Pichet, but it's small size can make it a bit more difficult for larger groups.

    1. O'Asian has pretty hassle-free dim sum for large groups.

      1. How about sitting outside at the brewery kitty-corner from the stadium. Sounds like your kinda place on that kinda day. A little further south on 1st-a five minute walk-you can find Macrina Bakery's new HQ. Fabulous quiche and breakfast foccacia, coffee. Enough to call a light breakfast and delicious.

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          Awesome suggestion Zoogrrl. I've tried to go Macrina several times but the waits were immense. Is that brewery Elyssian?

          1. re: schraminvan

            I think it's Pyramid Alehouse. They are both close by.

            The Macrina line went fairly quickly, but it was a bit of a wait for my pizza foccacia and salad to go.

        2. Here's another great casual option: McCoy's Firehouse Bar & Grill on S. Washington in Pioneer Square. I loved their hangover sandwich, even without a hangover.