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May 28, 2009 12:29 PM

Casa di Giorgios on Danforth mini review

This is really just about the pizza.

Toppings good, cheese generous, sauce nice and tomato flavoured and not sugared over much.

Dough was probably purchased wholesale somewhere and then baked there. It was OK and a notch above Pizza Pizza, but not by much.

Will return for their take-out specials (3 topping pizzas at bargain prices), but rather go to Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza if I want a more gourmet pizza.

Next step is trying their other offerings. It did smell good in there while I was waiting and the dishes being delivered to the tables looked tasty.

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  1. I'm a fan and happily ordered from Queen St until they opened closer to me on Danforth. I like their pizza, but I can't agree with you that it's only a notch above PP. PP is fairly awful in comparison. As well, I doubt it's cost-effective for a restaurant to purchase dough when it's very cheap to produce in house.
    I suggest their wings. Their pastas are fairly tasty too and they do a decent Chicken Parm.
    I like Gerrard Pizza but I just can't abide by their prices. The last time I ordered from there, the pie was over $40 and I had to go back for a cup of sauce because there was far too little on it. I don't like oversauced pie but this was completely dry.
    Tonight, the neighbours are coming over and we're ordering from CDG

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      I only think the dough is a notch above PP, but I am fairly choosy about what I like in pizza dough. To clear up my first post and give credit where credit is due, I think the rest of the pizza (toppings, cheese, sauce) was leagues above any chain pizza store in town.

      $40 for a pizza? That's getting into Dante's price range. I'll have to drop by Gerrard again to see what they did with their price structure.

    2. Their pastas are decent if you're in the mood for red sauce Italian-American style. But around there, if I want a pizza, I could never pass up Danforth Pizza House. The lure is just too strong.

      1. Do you know what happened with Erato?

        1. The original comment has been removed