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May 28, 2009 12:29 PM

New York style pizza in the NW burbs

I'm of the to-each-his-own mindset when it comes to pizza. My own happens to be New York style since I grew up in the area. I know there are many very good New York style pizzerias in Boston proper, but on a weeknight I don't want to go into the city to get my fix. Out in Concord we've got New London, which is fine if you like greek pizza (, but it's not what I want, and Domino's, which, pathetically, comes a little closer. We travel to Lexington for UpperCrust on occasion, but I'm looking for something a little less gourmet and maybe a little closer.

My question for you guys is: where can I get decent foldable, heavy on the oregano, New York style pizza in the Concord/Bedford area?

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  1. Pizzeria Regina at the Burlington Mall. Seriously.

    No, it's not the original. But if you order a whole pizza (not by the slice -- which can be awful) and get it promptly out of the oven, it's better than any other place I've tried in the area.

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      Blumie's right. Best option in the area, I'm afraid. BTW, i think I prefer Papa Gino's to Dominoe's, now, sadly.

    2. TC Landos in Acton is very good, and the Club Car in West Concord.

      1. I love Papa Ginos, always have, of course that goes back to Regina's only being in the North End and relying on my dad to take me there. But now you can get Regina;s at the mall. But I still love plain cheese Papa's.

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          I like Papa Gino's too. It's certainly no Regina's but it's foldable and you can taste the oregano.

        2. Louie's Pizza in Woburn...awesome!

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            Second Louie's. Also, as posted earlier today, Sabatino's in Arlington, which isn't too far from Bedford.

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              If we're that far afield, how about Joe Pizza in Woburn?

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                Woburn is a little far for mid-week, but might be worth a Sunday night trip. I'll have to give Papa Gino's another shot. I had it a few times about ten years ago and never looked back. Regina's will go on the list, too. Thanks for the tips!

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                  TC Lando in Acton and Sorrento in Concord and Acton.

              2. In West Concord - Walden Italian Kitchen- Italian/NY style pizza. Correct thinnish, chewey crust and flavorful sauce - getting them to add more than a minimal amount of toppings was the hard part though- even if you asked for double toppings. But the best pizza this NY transplant could find in that area.

                That place near the train station in Concord - Sorrento's isn't bad either compared to the chains and greek places- the dough is a bit spongy though.

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                1. re: LStaff

                  I had this pizza this past weekend. Really not bad. the crust was quite nice, skimpy on sauce, though.