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Good Stuff Eatery - capital hill

Haven't been yet. Any reviews?

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  1. Plenty -- search the board for reviews from last year and earlier this year.

    1. Limited menu which consists of burgers, rosemary fries, chili, and milkshakes. Have not tried the beef burgers or the chili. Mushroom burger is excellent, small but tasty, can't get past that. Toasted marshmallow milkshake is BEST milkshake of my life. One of the great things to eat in the DC area. Millky Way milkshake also outrageous. Rosemary fries, like fries anywhere else, can be great or not depending on your timing, luck.

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      1. re: Steve

        Completely agree with everything you mentioned Steve....particularly the toasted marshmallow and milky way milkshakes, and the mushroom burger...yum.
        Other great menu items include the 'Obama' burger and their wedge salads

      2. The milkshakes are seriously good! The toasted marshmellow is very good but the black and white is delicious as well.

        I like the herbed farmhouse fries as well.

        The burgers seem a little inconsistent though. The first time I went I had a great burger--just a regular cheese burger. Nice crust on the outside, perfectly cooked, a little messy but in a good way. The 2 other times I went it wasn't as good. Not bad but not like the first time either. It felt a lot more sloppy, almost soggy. No crisp crust on the meat. Maybe this had to do that I carried it back to my office for lunch, but my office is only 10 minutes away.

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          I guess the black and white is choc and vanilla?

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            A black and white traditionally (or at least, traditionally in the Northeast) is chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream-- a great combination!

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              Yes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. I'm from the Northeast...I'm guessing that's why I call it a black and white (never heard it called anything else.)

        2. we went last week - very tasty, and my boyfriend who doesnt really like mushrooms did like the veggie burger. I DO wish there was one more option for veggie burgers.

          I love the fries and dips, but personally like longer cut, and more crispy...but still good.

          Great shake - we shared one, but then I realized we could have had 2 kid sized and tried another flavor besides toasted marshmallow.

          faster service than when I went one time before, but it's not 'new' anymore. and it is always nice to sit outside.

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            bordeauxfan - I did a search and one or two things came up such as: "where to take a picky 7 year old" - but no thread just about this place. If you know of one, please steer us all towards it. ;)

            The toasted marshmellow milkshake sounds tasty. I've never even heard of one - but now I want to try it. I haven't been so thrilled with zburger or 5 guys - so I'll give this one a try. I still need to try Ray's Hellburgers too though!

            1. re: Jeserf

              I agree about the fries. They are delicious but too short.

                1. re: beauxgoris

                  Is there a burger (version) that seems to be a hit?

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                    I've always gotten to Farmhouse Cheese (w/ cheddar NOT American...blech) and as I said above, sometimes it was good and others it was only so-so. It's been awhile since I've had a burger there though.

                    Some of the special burgers sound good though.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      Finally went today. Husband had the melty cheese burger, I had the Obama burger. Both were good (could taste the lawry's season salt on the burger tho) - the blooming onion petals were very good, although a bit greasy (needed to blot) and the marshmallow milkshake was very sweet (sweeter than I thought it would be) but also good. It actually tasted exactly like banana pudding if it were a milkshake. Odd huh? All in all good marks - although a medium long wait. I guess it's better than a pre-cooked burger though. I do like BRG in bethesda's more charred flavor though.

            2. I've been a few times... Burgers were consistently good. Not greasy, well cooked, etc. Fries have been so-so at best. Onions petals might be the way to go...

              Plus, there's something to be said for having a mayo bar....

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                ^^We ordered the onion petals and they WERE good. The table next to us got fries and we were glad we went with onion, they looked better imo.

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                  I'm not sure how you can say that this place is either consistently good or that they aren't greasy. If anything, they are consistently greasy. It is an overpriced mess of a burger. While the marshmellow shakes are good, they certainly aren't the best shakes ever. For a great gourmet burger go to Ray's Hellburger.

                2. I onions in the petals have a fabulous natural sweetness that is to die for. Try the berry milkshake. The black abd blue berry flavor throughout and at the end is wonderful.

                  Also, the Blazin' Barn is pretty sweet with the pickled daikon and other veggies on there.

                  1. If I ever get off this hellish conference call I'm thinking I will go to Good Stuff Eatery for lunch (gym progress be damned!). Has anyone tried the turkey burger? Is it any good? I can't stand a dry turkey burger...so hopefully it's juicy and yummy.

                    Otherwise I might just stick to the cheese burger.

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                      no...but love the veggie burger.

                      Fries STILL need to be longer - i dont get it.
                      had the dolce de leche shake - marshmallow one is better. but at least they sell 'mini' ones now, which while still big, make it less guilty to order!

                      1. re: Elyssa

                        I forgot to write back because I was in such a food coma. The turkey burger was very, very good. Quite possibly the best turkey burger I've ever had. It wasn't dried out or tasteless. It was juicy, full of flavor, and perfect with the slice of avocado. I didn't even put any of the sauces on...it was perfect just the way it was. I also really liked the whole wheat bun.

                        I actually liked this burger much better than the beef burgers I've had in the past. I was also happy to see that they now have a "snack" size of fries. I got the herbed ones again. They are still yummy but also entirely too small/short for dipping. They have this great dipping bar, you would think they would put some thought into the size of the fry. I went with the Old Bay mayo....it was nice.

                        1. re: Elyssa

                          mango mayo for the win!

                          When we last went, we ordered...boyfriend then said, "screw it!" and ordered himself another shroom burger and order or fries. Oh, to be so thin you've already burned the calories from the first order while waiting for the second! :)

                          1. re: Jeserf

                            Oh man....I wish I had half your bf's metabolism haha

                            One more thing on the Good Stuff Burgers---I've been hearing a lot lately that people think the burgers are too small (possibly for the price). I found the turkey burger a perfect size. It might looks small in size but it's a) jam packed with flavor and b) has a bunch of toppings.

                            They are certainly smaller than Five Guys and Ray's Hell Burger but I think the size works...especially for lunch. Plus these are the size burgers once were before we gorged ourself on half a cow per meal. Doesn't bother me one bit.

                            1. re: Elyssa

                              Its not the size it s that it is a greasy mess and expensive for what it is. Much better choices out there IMHO.

                              1. re: Elyssa

                                Totally agree about the size- I think they're perfect. At that size you can taste the toppings AND have room to enjoy a side (and maybe even a shake if you have jeserf's bf's metabolism). Ready for some hearsay? I prefer Good Stuff to Ray's, just for that reason- burgers are too big and overpowering at Ray's. I live practically next door to Ray's and have walked to Good Stuff for a meal, no joke (I do like to walk though).

                                1. re: mjhals

                                  If Rays has veggie burgers, I'd schlep over there. If they do have them, let me know!

                                  1. re: Jeserf

                                    Nope. Ray is all about the beef.

                                  2. re: mjhals

                                    I don't think that says much for you, though taste is a matter of opinion. I didn't think much of the sauces and I just couldn't get past the grease on the burgers and fries to really appreciate the taste of either.

                                    I suppose you could make an arguement that paying a lot (relatively speaking) for a smaller burger is a good deal because it is smaller, it is a tough arguement to make if the burger isn't that good in the first place.

                                    Can't speak to the turkey or 'shroom burger cause I haven't had either...I wonder if they make the mushroom/veggie burger on the same grill they make the regular burgers???

                                    1. re: ClevelandDave

                                      Gee, thanks Dave, kind of you to say. For the record, Ray's the Steaks is my favorite restaurant in town, this town as well as many others. I just prefer my quality meat in a non-ground up form. If I am electing for ground meat it's probably because I want all the other accompaniments as well, so it makes sense for me to select a smaller meat to condiment ratio.

                                      For Jeserf, sorry, no veggie burger options at Ray's. Like I said, they focus completely on meat.

                                      1. re: mjhals

                                        Then I'll stick to good stuff. It's nice to be able to go somewhere with a burger loving friend and be able to eat. I'd love to take my parents to Rays, but for what? To watch them eat?
                                        The veggie burgers are not on the grill top at Good Stuff - they're flash fried.

                                  3. re: Elyssa

                                    Smaller than a Five Guys burger? Of couse, I always order the small (single) burger there, and it's just right. Better with fries but that's another subject.

                            2. The burger I had was pretty tasty, but small for the price. I'll stick with Hellburgers. I was also disappointed in the Milky Way shake - the chocolate and caramel sauces didn't mix in and the candy pieces were too big for the straw, so it ended up being a vanilla shake in a chocolate-caramel-candy-coated cup. The rosemary fries are delicious though, and I loved the mayo bar.

                              1. I like their Mushroom burger a lot - it's a big mushroom coated and fried in something, rather than the pile of shrooms I pictured. A good veggie (if unhealthy) treat.

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                                1. re: SimonF

                                  ditto - it's more burgery than mushroomy....

                                  I get it with extra pickles.

                                  I'm not a HUGE mushroom sandwich fan, but this one is very good.