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May 28, 2009 11:50 AM

Not to miss local chow I-95 between Emporia and Jax

I am travelling by car from Va. to Tampa. I will be on I-95 from Emporia to Jacksonville. Any good stuff close to 95? I am doing the 12 hr trip in one day, so don't want to drive far off 95. I already did a search. Thanks.

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  1. Fuller's BBQ in Lumberton, NC. Great southern-style buffet. Right off I-95.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      I thought Fuller's had closed, but it has been a few years since I was there.
      It did have a really southern BBQ with all the veggies and much of it is fried.
      They even had fried gizzards - one of my favorites.

      1. re: sdoby22

        Fuller's is very much open...I just ate there a couple of weeks ago (twice in one weekend!) I have to say I wasn't real impressed with the 'q, but the fried chicken was excellent, and the rest of the buffet offers an amazing variety of southern-style food. You bring up a good point about Ralph's below...Fullers is also cash only, although I think they do have an atm on-site.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          I ate at Fuller's recently as well. It was great. And, yes, the chicken is not to be missed. It's the best I can remember having--crispy breading and unbelievably moist meat. I would go back just for that. I also love the fried cornmeal patties that look kind of like small pancakes...when they're fresh. And the links of liver pudding. Yum! And the ten layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

    2. You gotta go to The Georgia Pig. I 95 & US 17 south interchange, Brunswick, Georgia.

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      1. re: cateringchick

        second GA Pig, right of 95 and an institution

      2. Ralphs BBQ at Roanoke Rapids/Weldon main exit, turn east (L) and go about 1/2 mile, it is on the left and set back off the road. They do NOT take credit cards and checks only within 50 miles, so be prepared with cash.

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        1. re: sdoby22

          I definitely would not say ralph's is a don't miss. It is average cue and sides personally

        2. Thanks all. I am heading out tomorrow and am leaving at the appropriate time to make Fuller's for lunch and Ga. pig for dinner (and fasting on Tues.!)

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          1. re: bimmertimmer

            Had lunch at Fullers. Buffet food is not my thing, but it was a heck of a lunch for 9 bucks and the fried chicken, lima beans and mashed were woth that. Enjoyed Ga. Pig as well. Thanks.