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May 28, 2009 11:49 AM

Great meal in Madrid on a Sunday night?

Hello Madrid Board!

I will be in Madrid on a Sunday night next month and would love to have a great meal. I was hoping to get into Santceloni, but it's closed on Sundays. Any recommendations in the same general area (Retiro/Salamanca) would be fantastic. More specifically, I'm interested in a good place to dine solo. (Which can mean either just really nice service or bar dining or maybe just tables that aren't totally in the middle of the dining room.)


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  1. This is far from fancy, but it will be crowded with people and festivities, have you thought about Casa Mingo.

    Also all along Paseo Prado, near Plaza Colon there are many nice cafes that serve on the center median, fun to people watch or just read your El Pais.

    1. i was going to ask similar question, please let us know how it turned out :)

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        Are tapas a possibility? Some but not all places in La Latina on C/ Cava Baja will be open on a Sunday. I really enjoyed Taberna el Tempranillo when we were there last week. The staff don't speak a lot of English but they are very helpful at explaining the menu. And the wine selection is very large. I really enjoyed their large selection of toasts including cecina (cured beef sliced paper thin), blue cheese and endives, melted cheese and zucchini, duck foie toast, and tosta de trigueros (fried egg with baby asparagus). Our chipirones a la plancha were also very good and fresh, and came with a side of grilled artichoke hearts as well.

        Calle Cava Baja, 38
        913 641 532
        Metro: La Latina
        1 -4pm & 8pm-midnight daily

      2. We stayed in the Salamanca area in March and found few places open on Sunday. The hotel recommended El Gran Baril for seafood and it was very good. Expensive, but pure, fresh seafood. We had percebes and cigalas and they were fantastic. First time having percebes and I cannot wait to get back to Spain to try them again. Main courses were Hake and I had Chipporones al la plancha which were really good.

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          Thanks for mentioning the Gran Barril- thanks to your post, I ended up enjoying a lovely meal on a Sunday night in August when almost every restaurant in Salamanca was closed! It ended up being my best meal in Madrid.

          Enjoyed their steamed octopus with paprika, croquetas, artichokes with clams and green sauce, and their grilled vegetable platter. Nice amuse bouche of some sort of brandade on toast, and nice crisp almond wafers were a treat that came along with their coffees.

          Wish we had a place like this in Toronto. Considering the quality, I thought the Gran Barril was reasonable priced.

        2. Combining August & Sunday night is a killer., for good meals (not great but good) try La Burbuja Que Rie @ C/Angel 15, Metro Puerto de Toledo. It's a big, loudish Asturiano place. The thing to get is the fabada & cider. Another place open Sunday is Los Asturianos, it's a bit more refined, quieter and smaller. It's at c/Vallehermoso 94 # 34 915 335 947. It's a wine bar/Asturiano restaurant. The food is cooked by the Abuela of the owners. I've only been there for drinks Y tapa on a Sunday night. They were very friendly and you could eat sitting down at the bar, which is not common in Madrid. Metro Isla Filipinas? I like both places, however they have different vibes.