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May 28, 2009 11:43 AM

Cake Boss on TLC

Did anyone watch the premiere this week? I was especially amused by the some-what veiled jab at Duff and other cake artists who decorate foam then serve sheet cake. The Cake Boss made a point of marveling at how amazing their creations looked and noting that the entire cake was edible (IIRC his exact words were "good tasting"). It was also very interesting to watch the inner workings of bakery that produces decorated cakes but isn't just a cake decorator.

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  1. I did like this show. His bakery is definitely not "everybody is cool and laid back" like Duff and crew. His cakes looked delicious, as did his other confections.

    1. Looks better than Ace of Cakes (hate that show so much)

      1. I thought I saw the first episode a few weeks ago? Maybe that was a sneak preview?
        I've been to his place, in fact, walk by it everyday. He currently has the three white wedding cakes he did for the photo shoot in the window.
        His product tastes good, every party we go to, someone will bring something from there, but his prices are just way to high, and I'm sure the added exposure/business he will get from the show will make them go up even more.

        1. I caught the episode where the owner was yelling at one of his decorators for working too slow, then grabs the filling and shows him how to do it faster. Hilarious and much more real than other food shows.

          1. His operation is much closer to real world businesses than Duff's, which is more leisurely, like a soap opera (albeit a funny, loveable one).

            Personally, I don't mind Duff decorating styrofoam, which isn't much more inedible than fondant, IMHO. There's room for all sorts of cake philosophies. It depends on what the client wants, and is willing to pay for.

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                "I don't mind Duff decorating styrofoam, which isn't much more inedible than fondant"

                Solid point! I am enjoying the Cake Boss since it's showing a succesful family business. Their style is also very classic and the show gives the viewer a glimpse into the reality bakers face with cakes that fall and delivery malfunctions.