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May 28, 2009 11:38 AM

Hurry4Curry Phoenix - very good fast-food Indian

I stayed near the Arizona Center this week and stumbled across a great little Indian place in the food court there. I like Indian and get bored of the usual hamburger and taco choices so I tried Hurry4Curry and was very pleasantly surprised. In fact, so pleasantly that I ate there again the next day.

I tried about four things and each of them was fantastic. The Daal and Chicken Biryani, in particular, were delicious. I have tried to make biryani at home but Indian food is challenging and mine wasn't nearly as good.

The one thing about Indian food is gets better the longer it cooks. This place seems to have that figured out, everything I ordered had a nice depth of flavor. I almost forgot I was in a food court - until I remembered that it cost me less than $10 and I was eating within two or three minutes of ordering!

Most Indian restaurants are a little dingy with faded pictures of the Taj Majal on one wall and a mediocre buffet on the other. Hurry4Curry was very different - very clean and modern-looking which was refreshing.

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  1. I agree that the food is pretty good. I like the big yellow Dutch ovens in the open kitchen. That's a more reassuring sign to me than a typical steam table buffet setup. With the Dutch ovens, I'm confident that the curries, dals, etc. have been simmering a long time.

    I have a somewhat differing point of view on the decor. I find it sterile. I appreciate that the owners ditched the usual Indian restaurant cliches, but I think they went too far. How about a modern Indian approach with some Bollywood on flat screen TVs and bhangra beats on the speakers?

    Hurry 4 Curry
    455 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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      isn't bhangra and bollywood just more cliche tho?