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Where to buy Suckling Pig in Detroit Area

Anybody have any idea where I could get a whole suckling or baby pig in the Detroit area? I am trying to recreate the Cochinillo I had in Spain - best pig I have ever had - didnt have anything but salt and the flavor of the wood oven for flavor.


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  1. I'm waiting on a call back from my lamb guy as we speak. I'll ask him if he knows any one and check back if he does.
    There is a farm at the corner of 34 mile and McKay in Romeo that used to advertise fresh pig. If you head out that way you'll only be a mile or so from the Crooked Creek dairy farm.
    Another option might be the Gratiot market on Saturday near the Eastern Market. It's been a long time since I've been down there so maybe some one else can help. IIR you have to cross I-75 on the walkway to get to the market.

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      thanks fritter - look forward to hearing back.

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        I did ask and he did not know of any one in the area. He mentioned that when corn prices sky rocketed last summer a lot of local farmers gave up on pigs. He did indicate that there may be some availability this fall.
        The best local bet I know is the farm I mentioned above but I have never purchased from them and can't help there any more than letting you know they did have a sign out in the past. I will keep an eye out and check back if I find a source. If you find one please let us know.

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          will do - thanks for you efforts. I may try an asian grocer too.

    2. Posted this on the DetroitYes board, partly because I was curious myself. Someone posted this:

      < <
      There are a few places around the Eastern Market that can get them. We got one for one of our beach barbeques a few years ago. I would go over there and ask around.
      > >

      Several butcher shops there. I think there's one in the Gratiot Central Market (the one at the end of the little pedestrian bridge over the freeway spur. There's also a meat counter in the main shed on the weekends--that might be a good place to start.

      If you're out west, I'd also try Sparrow Meat Market in Ann Arbor. I have no idea about suckling pig, but they do a lot of special orders and are pretty helpful (if expensive).

      1. Have you tried La Colmena in Mexicantown? I seem to recall that they had them.

        Worth a shopping trip in any case!

        1. Try giving Mr Foods Meat and Deli down in Eastern Market a call. They are brand new and may do some back flips for new clients.

          2931 Russell

          I asked about my cow head for Barbacoa and he asked for just a call the day before.

          1. I found a source today at the Eastern Market. They are there every Saturday so if you call ahead they will bring it there or you can pick them up at the farm out by Almont. I asked weights and price and he estimated the smallest are 30# at $4 a pound.
            If you get one let us know how it works out. I'm going to give them a try for shoulders the next time I do pulled pig.
            They also rent cookers if you need one.


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              Here's an on line source that may give you a size/weight Vs price comparable.


            2. One more suggestion from DYes:

              < <
              Ray's Meat Market. Cooked, stuffed, or raw............
              Eureka at Pardee Rd. in Taylor, across from Southland Mall.
              > >

              Sounds good to me!

              1. Great Info guys! thanks!

                1. A number of years ago I bought one from Sparrow Meats in Ann Arbor. I have to believe Bob Sparrow could still get you one since I was just talking to him about where he gets his pork from the other day. He has a supplier for Berkshires now, btw.

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                    I was in there just yesterday and saw Berkshire shoulder...

                    I will be back for some...

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                      Any idea how much the Berkshire shoulders were or how big?

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                        I think they looked like about 7-8 pounders...maybe 3-4 bucks a pound.

                        Do not quote me on that though...

                        I was also looking at the goat sausage, rendered duck fat, different bacon's, and such.

                        I ended up with Orange Blossom Honey, Maytag and a Baguette for some lunch.

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                          IIRC, I paid $2.99/lb. for the Berkshire shoulder. He also had loin at a higher price. Gets them from a farmer near Cleveland.

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                            I stopped at Sparrow meats today. Talk about a kid in the candy store! I came home with a sack of duck legs for confit, two 8# Berkshire shoulders, two dry aged Porterhouse's pushing 2# each, uber thick double smoked bacon, Cherry smoked bacon and some other goodies.
                            Then I hit Zingerman's.

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                              I also like how you can get balls of Duck Fat at that Sparrow counter too. I also finally got the Berkshire too....YUM!

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                                Someone in metro Detroit has been advertising whole pigs for something under $2/# I will try to remember, or find their flyer. Bozek's and E&L come to mind, though I don't see it in either of their online ads just now.

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                                  If you can find a suckling pig processed and ready to go for $2 a pound you better buy it toot sweet cause that's one helluva good price!

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                                    I don't know about processed and ready to go-- I just remembered having seen an ad. Here-- http://www.bozekmarkets.com/

                                    "Farm raised whole pig-- Sold whole or half-- per lb. $1.17
                                    Cut up free-- Whole 120 through 190 lbs."

                                    The do have a butcher. I don't know how much (if any) more you'd pay to have him prep the pig for your grill.

                                    Locations in Hamtramck and Sterling Heights. If you go to Hamtramck, there's the bonus of being able to check out Al Haramain middle eastern market right across the street-- interesting merchandise and great prices!

                                    1. re: ak994

                                      That's not a suckling pig my friend. They should cut it up for for free at any store like that. ;-)

                    2. Just for reference....

                      Kap's Retail in Eastern Market
                      2630 Riopelle

                      From $3.00 to $3.50 lb. for Suckling pig.

                      You can get hogs of any size actually....saw two big boys hanging in the retail section awaiting the knife. They also had the brown sugar cured country ham we have discussed lately.

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                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        How the hell can you be in four different places in a single day, JanPrimus?
                        Anyway, of the above mentioned places CONFIRMED to currently have suckling pigs, do any of them come with any features such as being locally raised, pharmaceutical free, or fed on an organic diet...also, can I be assured their mothers weren't permanently confined to a tiny grate-bottomed cage? I'm not above eating the tortured artificial stuff, but I will pay extra for something better for my health and conscience. Thank you all for the helpful info.

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                          Well I was not in Eastern market on the 12th...just passing on something I had learned this week (the 11th).

                          If you want heritage pigs without the bad stuff....I would call Sparrow Meats in AA.

                          As for your vitriol....not sure what I could tell you where the cure for that is.

                          Although I did eat at Neehee's today. Not sure where your 4 places in a day comment came from. Please explain?

                          1. re: JanPrimus

                            No vitriol intended JanPrimus. I enjoy your posts. It just seems that you have a fresh experience with nearly every place in the area. I only get out beyond my local Randazzo's about once a week. Thus, it would take me a year to indulge in the places about which you've written over the just the last week. More power to you.

                            I'm about 60% of the way thru my half hog from Back Forty Acres farm in Chelsea, so I'm already running short on certain cuts. (seems like I'll never get thru the fresh ham, though). Maybe going over to Sparrow Meats will give me an excuse for a trip to AA. Thanks. That way, I also can check out the smoked fish place that is new (to me), just down 5th Ave from Zingerman's.

                            I've had some memorable suckling pigs in SE Asia, and an edible one from Steiner's Meats in Warren (enhanced with marinade injection, unbeknownst to me at time of purchase), so it's about time to re-pursue the dream, even if I can't get a delicate, crispy skin via my own devices.


                            1. re: vtombrown

                              Call me a food addict.

                              I read about a lot of these places and I try to hit as many of them as I can up. I will admit that you will not see too many reviews from me that are on the more expensive side. I will drive 100 miles for good BBQ, but I will not pay $35+ for a entree. I can name tons of places you will not find me in...but you will find me in any cuisine that has a lower cost factor.

                              Asia City next week is the plan......

                              As for swine....Michigan does not offer a great selection of choice...but Sparrow is about as good as I have found. I would love to find Tamworth, Mangalitsa and other breeds beyond Berkshire in our specialty spots. By the way...try the extra thick bacon from Sparrow.

                              Pig is by far my favorite beast!

                              1. re: JanPrimus

                                Well then, I'm in for a lot of interesting reading of your posts!
                                Hopefully, you'll share your Asia City experience (appreciation in advance). Duck? Pig? ....I'm trying to talk my Chinese wife into going to Asia City next weekend, but she seems more inclined to spend the latter part of Chinese New Year at Golden Harvest.
                                PS--My half hog from Back Forty Acres in Chelsea supposedly is a Tamworth. But, they don't seem inclined to send them off to the slaughter shop while still just little suckling pigs. Thus, I will check out some of the above info. Home-served suckling pigs remind some of my dinner guests of dead, shaved poodles, but I've never had a guest turn down a plateful! (attached is a photo of a little roasted Michigan pig I served two summers ago, about which I'm skeptical that it had still been in the suckling stage.)

                                1. re: vtombrown

                                  I would aim straight for the belly and the cheeks! :)

                                  Looks yummy!

                                  1. re: JanPrimus

                                    By chance I have found a Traverse City provider of Berkshire/Duroc cross suckling pigs. Cherry Capital Foods http://cherrycapitalfoodsllc.blogspot...

                                    One of their suppliers delivers to Dewitt (the furthest south they get at the moment).

                                    I spoke to Lee Michaels (sales manager) and they need 1 months advance notice and last fall a ~20# suckling cost $112. Lee@cherrycapitalfoods.net

                                    They also have Mangalitsa in 1/4, 1/2 of whole for $8- $8.75/# and have ~40 ready for slaughter regularly.

                                    There is also an interesting pic/recipe at http://reservekitchen.blogspot.com/20...

                                      1. re: JanPrimus

                                        That pick is from PorkStock 2010 according to Lee. http://caterleelanau.com/blog/2010/11...

                                        More pics at the link. It does look like him though. ;-)


                                        And, if my info is right ?? VTB is hiding in the background (like Waldo).

                                        1. re: goatgolfer

                                          Ahhhh hell that is JT Hoagland in that pic. I guess he is Doug's Doppelganger. Even wears the same kind of Hawaiian Shirts! :) JT is a facebook friend of mine and I believe Mark Bakers business partner (The Mangalitsa farmer from up there).

                                          1. re: JanPrimus

                                            An odd topic; considering that last week, I was bum-rushed at Detroit Metro and
                                            asked to sign an autograph.

                                            Excuse me, m'aam, but precisely WHO do you think I am? Rob Reiner???

                                            Sigh ... okay, you caught me. What's your name? Susan? Okay, Susan, here's
                                            your autograph. (I signed it, "Rob R<scribble>r)

                                            Please don't tell others ... deal? No, Carroll was nothing like Archie. Gloria? Gloria's
                                            name is Sally Struthers ... she a gem eh? No, we never dated ... it was television. No,
                                            really, we NEVER dated. Nope, not even once. The tabloids were wrong. Yes, she is
                                            a VERY GOOD actress. Me? Thank you, but no so much. I've gotta board, thank you,
                                            bye, thank you, bye-bye, bye-bye.

                                            Geesh. I'm a 55 year-old, balding fat-man ... and I've got groupies. <sigh>

                                            1. re: rainsux

                                              So it was you in the porkstock photo? Rob?

                                              1. re: goatgolfer

                                                There are a lot of leads here (particularly considering I'm practically an Eastern Market newbie). It just might be "The Summer of Pork."

                        2. re: JanPrimus

                          In Eastern Market today and confirmed with Kap's they have suckling pig in stock at $3.49/#. Mostly frozen but fresh ~ each 3 weeks when re-ordered. The breed is " I don't know but not a berkshire".

                          Also inquired at the portable stand (Gaier farms from Armada) and they don't do it because "it's too expensive". They also only come to Eastern Market during the cool/cold months and will close up shop this year on 24 April.